Chicago-bound Lufthansa B747 Returns to Frankfurt

Kiefer. from Frankfurt, Germany, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Lufthansa flight bound for Chicago from Frankfurt has initiated a turnaround and currently appears to be on return to Frankfurt.

Lufthansa flight LH430, a Boeing 747-830, executed the course reversal whilst outbound approaching the United Kingdom. The nature of the problem is unclear at this time.

Lufthansa LH430 Frankfurt-Chicago

Flight LH430 is now established inbound for Frankfurt am Main (FRA), having expedited a return. The flight has not declared a formal emergency and is returning under normal flight procedures.

Return to Frankfurt FRA

Update 11:57 UTC

Lufthansa flight LH430 is now in the Frankfurt region and on descent below 10,000 feet, for its return to FRA.

Data shows the aircraft conducted a long haul sector from Miami, FL to Frankfurt approximately 6 hours prior to this service. The nature of the issue prompting the early return is not yet known.

Flight data shows the aircraft made a delayed departure out of FRA this morning. The service shows an ATD of 11:53 local, against a scheduled departure time of 10:50 local.

Update 12:05 UTC

Lufthansa flight LH430 has lined up with the RWY25 at Frankfurt (FRA) and is on final approach for landing. Weather is VFR for the flight’s return, with winds light and variable.

Chicago-bound flight LH430, which returned earlier this morning, has now landed and cleared the runway at FRA.

Flight Details

Having made a delayed departure this morning, flight LH430 set course normally for the transatlantic service, climbing to FL320 (32,000 feet) on the outbound track.

At approximately 10:44 UTC, the aircraft began a turnaround maneuver and established a return course.

Kiefer. from Frankfurt, Germany, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The aircraft conducting this morning’s rotation to Chicago was a Boeing 747-83, registered D-ABYD. This is an 11 year old widebody aircraft belonging to the German national carrier Lufthansa.

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