Chaos in Rhodes As Wildfires Cause Flight Cancellations

Chaos in Rhodes As Wildfires Cause Flight Cancellations
Photo Credit: Keep Talking Greece.

There is chaos in Rhodes as wildfires have caused flight cancellations due to the spread currently ongoing on the island.

This has resulted in the likes of Jet2 and TUI, who operate a series of flights to the island, canceling flights.

Jet2 has canceled all five of its flights to Rhodes today, with TUI canceling its scheduled services until Wednesday at least.

As per the BBC, Jet2 said the following in a statement:

“We ask any customers in affected areas to follow the advice of the local authorities or their hoteliers who will be acting under the advice of the authorities.”

“We will fly those five aircraft to Rhodes with no customers onboard so that we can bring customers back to the UK on their scheduled flight.”

Chaos in Rhodes As Wildfires Cause Flight Cancellations
Credit: BBC Live Blog.


From the image above, the British media outlet has detailed the spread of the wildfires at the moment, with it getting closer to the tourist hotspots of Kalathos, Pefki, and Lindos in Rhodes.

Data provided by

At the time of writing (1112 BST), services are still operational out of the airport, but they are either landing late or some services have been canceled.

Carriers such as SAS, Sunclass Airlines, and others are still operating their services, with some canceling flights out of safety due to what is ongoing there currently.

The whole of Southern Europe has been subjected to intense temperatures in excess of 40’c, which is causing these wildfires to occur.

This is a developing story. More to follow in due course from Rhodes.

UPDATE #1 @ 1123 UK time – Jet2 posted an update earlier this morning on advice for customers currently stuck in Rhodes or elsewhere due to the wildfires.

UPDATE #2 @ 1126 UK time – @garyseymour on Twitter has been outlining the operational chaos that has been ongoing in Rhodes caused by flight cancellations and delays.

UPDATE #3 @ 1129 UK time – Updates coming in that easyJet has allegedly left passengers in Rhodes, with no further information on this.

Video Credit: @Eren50855570 on Twitter.

UPDATE #4 @ 1132 UK time – Footage from @Eren50855570 on Twitter highlighting the helicopter-based response to the ongoing wildfires.

UPDATE #5 @ 1136 UK time – Further criticisms are coming in of UK airlines who have been accused of an inadequate response to evacuations.

UPDATE #6 @ 1139 UK time – In terms of the aviation-based response to this, 4 helicopters and 3 aircraft are providing assistance to the island of Rhodes during these wildfires.

UPDATE #7 @ 1141 UK time – As per @RadarBoxCom, here are some of those aircraft that are supporting local authorities in tackling these wildfires.

UPDATE #8 @ 1142 UK time – Fraport Greece advises passengers that the airport is fully operational at this time, but advises passengers to check for updates from their respective operators.

UPDATE #9 @ 1144 UK time – Some more information regarding easyJet’s handling of its operations in Rhodes – Passengers were given a 4.50 EUR voucher, passengers were put onto a plane and sat there in 40’c heat for 30 minutes, only to be told their flight has been canceled.

UPDATE #10 @ 1147 UK time – Tour operators have told charter flights to arrive empty into Rhodes so then they can evacuate more passengers by air.

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