Chaos in Kinshasa: Passengers Storm Brussels Airlines Flight

Chaos in Kinshasa: Passengers Storm Brussels Airlines Flight
Siwtme, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Chaos has emerged in Kinshasa as passengers storm their Brussels Airlines flight that has been cancelled for two days in a row.

Chaos in Kinshasa: Passengers Storm Brussels Airlines Flight…

Video sourced from @aviationbrk on Twitter/X!

The footage above shows passengers approaching the Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 in Kinshasa, with the aircraft supposedly affected by some form of technical fault.

Chaos in Kinshasa: Passengers Storm Brussels Airlines Flight
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OO-SFF looks to be the Airbus A330 aircraft that was affected by this form of technical fault, with its last flight being on September 15 between Brussels and Kinshasa.

As per data from, OO-SFF is a 13.3 year old airframe, which was originally delivered to Singapore Airlines back in June 2010 as 9V-STO.

The aircraft was subsequently delivered to Brussels Airlines in July 2019.


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OO-SFH was therefore sent into Kinshasa and did depart in the late hours of last night following cancellations that have been implemented this week.

Operating SN358, the aircraft landed into Brussels in the early hours of this morning.

Upon finding out the fate of OO-SFF being technically unable to operate the flight, around seventy passengers stormed onto the tarmac and gathered around the aircraft, leaving the crew inside for their own safety.

It is understood also that ground staff, security and police were able to keep passengers from storming the aircraft and were returned to the terminal building around 45 minutes after the ordeal began in Kinshasa.

This remains a developing story. AviationSource will approach Brussels Airlines for a comment on this incident.

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