CAAC Issues Statement on China Eastern Crash

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One year on from China Eastern flight MU5735 crashed en route from Kunming to Guangzhou, the CAAC has released a brief statement.

This article will cover the CAAC’s latest statement about their ongoing investigation of the crash.

CAAC’s MU5735 Statement…

One year on since China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crashed into terrain whilst flying between Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21, 2022. Carrying a total of 132 souls on board, all of whom unfortunately lost their lives in the crash.

The aircraft in question was a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation registered as B-1791 and at the time of the crash was nearly seven years old, sporting China Eastern’s Orange Yunnan Peacock livery.

The CAAC (Civil Aviation Authority of China) has issued its latest statement surrounding its ongoing investigation of the crash. The statement is as follows –

Since the crash, the CAAC has “conducted an in-depth investigation into the accident” including “meticulous and rigorous technical investigation work.”


The CAAC added, “Over the past year, the technical investigation team has conducted detailed inspections of the wreckage of the plane to determine the possible working status of key control components of the plane before the crash, conducted experiments on more than 100 important pieces of wreckage, and analyzed the causes of damage.”

Alongside this, the CAAC has conducted a deep investigation into China Eastern Airlines’ maintenance procedures and airline management, as well as trawling through ATC (Air Traffic Control) data. The authority looked at the “relevant data to analyze the flight status of the aircraft in the final stage Perform analysis, simulation validation using flight simulators and real aircraft.”

In conclusion, “the technical investigation team has carried out a lot of work such as on-site investigation, data inspection, personnel interviews, and experimental analysis,” to ultimately find the “cause analysis and experimental verification on the basis of the previous work” and further information will be publically published “in a timely manner according to the progress of the investigation”.

Preliminary Reports…

Back in May 2022, quite a few reports had come to light indicating that the nose-dive that plummeted the aircraft into the terrain, near Wuzhou, was a deliberate act. Citing that the aircraft had done what it was instructed to do by someone in the cockpit.

Ultimately, regardless of whether this was a deliberate act or not, when the CAAC’s investigation concludes, we should know who or what was responsible for the deaths of 132 people and put additional measures in place to ensure it does not occur again.

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