British Airways Flight Turns Back to London Due to Problem

British Airways Flight to Venezia Turns Back to London Due to Problem
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Earlier today, a British Airways flight to Venezia, Italy turned back to London Heathrow amid an unspecified problem onboard.

Incident: British Airways Flight Turns Back to London Due to Problem…

British Airways Flight to Venezia Turns Back to London Due to Problem
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British Airways flight BA578 is a routine scheduled flight between London Heathrow and Venezia, with today’s affected rotation being operated by G-EUUX.

As per data from, G-EUUX is a 15.4 year old Airbus A320-200 that was first delivered to the airline back in July 2008.

Of the A320ceo fleet, the airline has 68 of them, of which 65 are in active service and three are parked, offering an average age of 17.2 years.

BA578 departed London Heathrow at 0905 local time this morning, and proceeded south-east in the direction of Venezia.

Over the Mulhouse-Basel area, the crew onboard opted to turn around back for the UK capital amid an unspecified problem onboard.

Around an hour and 15 minutes after making that decision, the aircraft appeared to land safely into the airport following just the singular hold for spacing.

G-EUUX has been on the ground since this incident, with no indication into what the motivation to turn back to London Heathrow was.

According to the British Airways Flight Status page, BA578 departed again at at 1236 local time and managed to land into Venezia at 1531 local time, around three hours and twenty minutes late.

Whatever the issue was, it was clearly serious enough to cause a return back to the UK airport, rather than manage the situation and take it to the Italian destination.

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