Boeing 747 Freighter Strikes Engine on Runway in Turkistan

Boeing 747 Freighter Strikes Engine on Runway in Turkistan
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It has emerged that an ACT Boeing 747 struck it’s engine on a Turkistan runway, resulting in a go around.

More information has been released pertinent to the incident at hand.

So without further ado, here is what we know so far…

TK6391 – Hong Kong-Turkistan…

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Boeing 747 Freighter Strikes Engine on Runway in Turkistan
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Turkish Airlines flight TK6391, which was involved in the engine strike on the runway, is a routine scheduled flight between Hong Kong and Turkistan.

The affected rotation involved in the incident was TC-ACG.

As per data from, TC-ACG is a 31.7 year old Boeing 747-400 that started out life with All Nippon Airways in August 1992.

By May 2011, the aircraft was handed over to GECAS, before being sent to ACT Airlines in May 2012.

ACT Airlines has then handed the aircraft to the likes of MyCargo Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabian Airlines returned the aircraft to ACT Airlines in September 2020.

Of the Boeing 747 Freighter variant, of which one of theirs was involved in the engine strike in Turkistan, ACT Airlines has four in the fleet.

Furthermore, of the four, all but three are in active service.

Average fleet age for the variant at the airline stands at 26.4 years.

Turkish Airlines flight TK6391 departed Hong Kong at 2013 local time on April 2.

The Boeing 747 Freighter, which was involved in the engine strike on the runway, proceeded to Turkistan initially.

As per reporting from The Aviation Herald, the landing was quite eventful.

Initially, the aircraft performed a go-around from a very low height due to an unstable approach.

During that go-around, the aircraft struck it’s #4 engine on the runway.

Following that incident, the crew on the Boeing 747 Freighter managed to land safely on the second attempt.

Engine Replacement Needed…

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The safety outlet also reported that the #4 engine needs to be replaced due to the damage received.

It is unclear when the Boeing 747 Freighter that struck it’s engine on the Turkistan runway will return to commercial service.

All eyes will be on how long this takes, as this will cost ACT Airlines money the longer it stays on the ground.

But for now, let’s see what happens next following this incident.

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