Azul Cargo Flight to Manaus Returns to Campinas With Problem

Azul Flight Campinas-Manaus Diverts to Sao Paulo With Problem

In the last few moments, an Azul Boeing 737 freighter to Manaus has had to return to Campinas following an unspecified problem resulting in multiple holds.

Incident: Azul Flight Campinas-Manaus Diverts to Sao Paulo With Problem…

Azul Flight Campinas-Manaus Diverts to Sao Paulo With Problem
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Azul Cargo flight AD2002 is a routine scheduled flight between Campinas and Manaus, with the affected rotation being operated by PR-AJZ.

As per data from, PR-AJZ is a 27.3 year old Boeing 737-400 Freighter, which first started out life as a passenger aircraft with Asiana Airlines back in July 1996.

By August 2006, it was handed over to Miami Air International, where it stayed there for 11 years, before being handed over to Vx Capital Partners.

In October of that year, it was converted into a cargo aircraft and then handed over to Azul by August 2018.

AD2002 departed Campinas bound for Manaus at 0951 local time and proceeded north after departure, before performing a significant number of holds to the north of the airport.

Following those holds being performed, the aircraft then headed south to Sao Paulo, where the aircraft then u-turned around in the direction of Campinas, but did not broadcast the 7700 emergency squawk code, as per data from RadarBox.

At this stage, it is unclear what the nature of the problem is, but is clearly serious enough to cause concern and to result in a return to the airport.

This does remain a developing story involving the Azul freighter flight between Campinas & Manaus, and as soon as we get updates from the scene, then we will update the story accordingly.


UPDATE #1 @ 1643 UK time – AD2002 appears to be still to the South of Campinas. Same correlation between RadarBox and FR24 currently.

UPDATE #2 @ 1645 UK time – ADS-B signal lost near Sao Francisco do Pinhal. Unclear whether it is dodgy ADS-B coverage as of yet.

UPDATE #3 @ 1658 UK time – Still scanning data for additional updates. Will provide them as we get them.

UPDATE #4 @ 1701 UK time – What we know so far is that before the ADS-B data stopped transmitting, the aircraft was making a controlled descent. Unclear whether the aircraft was ditched for a field landing.

UPDATE #5 @ 1713 UK time – @RadarBoxCom ADS-B data shows that the aircraft slew down over mountainous terrain and changed direction as it was slowing down. Again, we cannot verify whether this represents an accident currently.

UPDATE #6 @ 1716 UK time – Operations continue to operate as normal at Campinas at this present moment, with departures going in and out.

UPDATE #7 @ 1732 UK time – We have confirmation that AD2002 landed safely into Campinas thanks to a YouTube livestream from @GolfOscarRomeo1.

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