Aurigny Flight Overshoots Runway in Guernsey

Aurigny Flight Overshoots Runway in Guernsey
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Earlier this week, an Aurigny flight suffered an overshoot incident on the runway after landing into Guernsey.

Information has been released pertinent to the incident at hand.

Here is what we know so far…

Aurigny Flight GR609 – London Gatwick-Guernsey…

Aurigny Flight Overshoots Runway in Guernsey
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Aurigny Flight Overshoots Runway in Guernsey
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Aurigny flight GR609 is a routine scheduled flight between London Gatwick and Guernsey Airport in the Channel Islands.

Furthermore, the aircraft operating this flight was 9H-LWB.

As per data from, 9H-LWB is a 13.8 year old Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 that started out life with Colgan Air in October 2010.

By September 2012, the aircraft was handed over to Republic Airlines. Like with Colgan Air, it was operating for United Express at the time.

Furthermore, in June 2015, the aircraft was handed to Nordic Aviation Capital.

By November of that same year, it was handed over to Flybe.

Furthermore, it remained with Flybe until June 2020, when it was handed to Norddeutsche Landesbank.

July 2021 saw Aergo Capital take ownership of the aircraft, before being sent to Luxwing in October 2023.

The Luxwing aircraft has been operating flights for Aurigny.

GR609 departed London Gatwick at 1809 local time on April 23 and headed down to Guernsey.

It landed into the Channel Islands-based airport at 1842 local time.

Flight Operations Temporarily Suspended…

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Guernsey Press reported, with video above, that the aircraft had overshot the runway on arrival into the airport.

As a result of this, flight operations were temporarily suspended at the airport, causing disruption.

Furthermore, passengers were initially kept onboard after the incident, before being disembarked.

Also, in a statement, Aurigny said the following on this:

“We would like to apologise to our passengers onboard the GR609 flight from Gatwick to Guernsey this evening”.

“The plane experienced a landing incident on arrival in Guernsey at 1846 local time, coming to rest on the grass at the end of the west runway”.

“No passengers or crew members were injured and the aircraft sustained no significant damage”.

“Following the landing, the emergency response centre was activated in line with standard safety protocols and airport firefighters were present at the scene”.

“Passengers were bussed to the terminal at 1940”.

“The aircraft was a leased De Havilland Canada Dash 8 operated by Luxwing under a wetlease agreement”.

All eyes will be on how disrupted operations will be throughout the rest of the week following this incident.

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