Aurigny Flight Gets Stuck on Runway After Guernsey Landing

Aurigny Flight Gets Stuck on Runway After Guernsey Landing
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Earlier this week, a Aurigny Dornier 228 got stuck on the runway at Guernsey Airport following a hydraulic failure after landing.

Furthermore, information has been released pertinent to this incident.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Aurigny Flight GR201 – Alderney to Guernsey…

Aurigny Flight Gets Stuck on Runway After Guernsey Landing
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Aurigny Flight Gets Stuck on Runway After Guernsey Landing
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Aurigny flight GR201 is a routine scheduled flight between Alderney and Guernsey.

The aircraft involved in the incident was registered as G-ETAC.

As per data from, G-ETAC is a 5.8 year old Dornier Do-228-212 that was delivered to the airline in September 2018.

Of that particular aircraft, Aurigny has three in the fleet.

Furthermore, of that three, all but one are in active service, hosting an average fleet age of 16.6 years.

GR201 departed Alderney at 0803 local time on May 23 and headed to Guernsey on the short flight around the Channel Islands.

The aircraft landed safely at 0813 local time, a mere 10 minutes after departure.

As per The Aviation Herald, it is understood that the aircraft lost it’s nose wheel steering.

Because of this, the aircraft was unable to vacate the runway, resulting in the closure of the airport.

Furthermore, 40 minutes after landing, the aircraft was finally removed from the runway and operations restarted.

Aircraft Was Quickly Fixed…

Photo Credit: Marco Materlik via

The issue with the Aurigny Dornier in Guernsey seemed to be relatively minor and easy to fix.

Data from RadarBox highlights that the aircraft was back in service around three hours after the incident.

Furthermore, the return to service has seen the aircraft operate flights to the likes of:

  • Southampton
  • Alderney

Overall, it seemed that the issue was major to begin with, but ended up requiring a minor fix.

The aircraft has not reported any other issues following that incident at the airport.

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