Atlas Air 747 Freighter Suffers Runway Incident in Anchorage

Atlas Air 747 Freighter Suffers Runway Incident in Anchorage

It has emerged that an Atlas Air Boeing 747 freighter suffered a runway incident in Anchorage earlier this week, prompting a go-around.

Incident: Atlas Air 747 Freighter Suffers Runway Incident in Anchorage…

Atlas Air 747 Freighter Suffers Runway Incident in Anchorage
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Atlas Air flight 5Y8938 is a routine scheduled freighter flight between Seoul in South Korea and Anchorage, Alaska, with the affected rotation being operated by N860GT.

As per data from, N860GT is a 1.8 year old Boeing 747-8F which was delivered to the American carrier back in May 2022.

Of the 747-8F variant, the airline has nine of them in the fleet, of which eight are in active service and one is currently parked, offering an average age of 6.7 years.

Atlas Air flight 5Y8938 departed Seoul at 1700 local time on January 24 and proceeded eastbound in the direction of Anchorage.

On it’s first approach, things seemed normal with the exception of being in low visibility conditions at the Alaska-based airport.

However, on touch down, it is understood that one of the engine pods struck the runway, which prompted this go-around to attempt a safer landing.

After the go-around, the crew onboard Atlas Air flight 5Y8938 got themselves ready for another approach, of which this one was successful, with the aircraft successfully landing into Anchorage at 0635 local time that same day.

Since that incident, N860GT has remained on the ground following the incident, with there being no indication into when it will return to commercial service, as the relevant repairs will no doubt need to be made following this.

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