Asiana Airlines Flight Singapore-Seoul Suffers Engine Failure

Asiana Airlines Flight Singapore-Seoul Suffers Engine Failure
Masakatsu Ukon, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

An Asiana Airlines flight to Seoul had to return to Singapore amid a significant engine failure on the Boeing 777-200.

Incident: Asiana Airlines Flight Singapore-Seoul Suffers Engine Failure…

Asiana Airlines Flight Singapore-Seoul Suffers Engine Failure
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Asiana Airlines flight OZ754 is a routine scheduled flight between Singapore and Seoul, with the affected rotation being operated by HL7700.

As per data from, HL7700 is a 21.5 year old Boeing 777-200 that was first delivered to the carrier back in May 2002.

Of the 777-200 variant, the South Korean airline has nine of them, of which 8 are in active service and 1 is currently parked.

Asiana Airlines flight OZ754 departed Singapore at 0150 local time this morning and proceeded eastbound in the direction of Seoul.

As per The Aviation Herald, the crew had to stop the climb at 2,000 feet following the failure of it’s right hand engine.

From there, high exhaust gas temperatures were recorded, following sparks flying from the engine as well as vibrations occurring onboard.

OZ754 climbed to 7,000 feet in order to dump fuel to be within the sufficient landing weights before landing back into Singapore around an hour or so after departure.

At the time of writing (16/11/23 @ 1820 UK time), HL7700 is still on the ground at the airport, with no indication into when the aircraft can continue back to Seoul.

A replacement aircraft was sent to the airport to pick up the passengers and to try again to take them back home to South Korea, with a delay of around 10 hours.

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