Asiana Airlines A380 Seoul-Los Angeles Diverts to Tokyo

Asiana Airlines A380 Seoul-Los Angeles Diverts to Tokyo
Photo Credit: Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Earlier today, an Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 operating a flight from Seoul to Los Angeles diverted to Tokyo with an unspecified problem onboard.

Incident: Asiana Airlines A380 Seoul-Los Angeles Diverts to Tokyo…

Asiana Airlines A380 Seoul-Los Angeles Diverts to Tokyo
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Asiana Airlines flight OZ202 is a routine scheduled flight between Seoul and Los Angeles, with the affected rotation diverting to Tokyo Narita being operated by HL7626.

As per data from, HL7626 is a 9.9 year old Airbus A380 that was delivered to the South Korean carrier back in July 2014.

Of the A380 variant, the airline has six of them in the fleet, of which all are in active service and host an average fleet age of 8.9 years.

Asiana Airlines flight OZ202 departed Seoul in the early hours of this morning, and initially proceeded eastbound in the direction of Los Angeles.

Despite ADS-B data discrepancies above, it is understood that the crew was a few hours into the flight before a u-turn over the Pacific Ocean took place.

From there, the aircraft made a series of holds to the east of Tokyo Narita to burn additional fuel before making a successful landing into the diversion field.

It is understood that Asiana Airlines flight OZ202 remained on the ground in Tokyo for an hour or two before departing out again to continue the original flight from Seoul to Los Angeles.

At the time of writing (1648 UK time 2/2/24), the aircraft has been back in the air for just over three hours and is making good pace back to it’s destination.

It is likely the cause of this emergency was medical-related and nothing wrong with the aircraft as they are continuing on to destination.

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