American Flight Phoenix-El Paso Suffers Bird Strike

American Flight Phoenix-El Paso Suffers Bird Strike
Photo Credit: PlanespotterA320 via Wikimedia Commons.

An American Airlines between Phoenix and El Paso suffered a bird strike earlier this week that cracked the windscreen of the aircraft.

Incident: American Flight Phoenix-El Paso Suffers Bird Strike…

American Flight Phoenix-El Paso Suffers Bird Strike
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

American Airlines flight AA845 between Phoenix and El Paso is a routine scheduled flight, carried out by the airline’s Airbus A319 registered as N831AW.

As per data from, N831AW is a 22.2 year old aircraft that started out life with America West Airlines back in September 2001.

It remained with the carrier until September 2005 when the aircraft was handed over to US Airways, and after the merger with American Airlines, the airframe was handed over again in December 2013.


The airline nowadays has a fleet of 133 A319s, which consist of 127 currently in service, and six are parked at the time of writing.

As per The Aviation Herald, it is understood that on the climb out from Phoenix, the El Paso-bound flight stopped the climb at 17,000 feet following a cracked windscreen caused by a bird strike.

From there, AA845 turned back around to the Arizona-based airport and was able to land safely under an hour after departure.

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American Airlines were luckily able to send a replacement aircraft to pick up the stranded passengers, being N658AW, another Airbus A319.

After the whole ordeal, lasting around nine hours, passengers were able to get into El Paso from Phoenix. As for N831AW, it is understood the aircraft is back in service following this incident.

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