American Airlines Flight Miami-Santiago Diverts to Tocumen

An American Airlines jet taxis for takeoff.
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It has emerged that an American Airlines flight between Miami and Santiago diverted and night-stopped in Tocumen Airport, Panama City overnight.

Incident: American Airlines Flight Miami-Santiago Diverts to Tocumen…

American Airlines Flight Miami-Santiago Diverts to Tocumen
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American Airlines flight AA957 is a routine scheduled flight between Miami International Airport and Santiago Airport in Chile.

The affected rotation was operated by N785AN, one of the airline’s Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

As per data from, N785AN is a 23.7 year old airframe that was delivered to the carrier back in April 2000.

Of that aircraft variant, American Airlines has 47 of them, of which 41 are in active service and six are currently parked up.

AA957 departed Miami at 2319 local time on October 28 and proceeded south in the direction of Santiago.

Around two hours into the flight, the aircraft started descending into Tocumen Airport in Panama City, with an unspecified issue.

From there, it appeared to stay the night, with the issue not confirmed at this present time which caused the diversion.

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At the time of writing (29/10/23 @ 2250 UK time), American Airlines flight AA957 has just departed Tocumen and appears to be continuing on to Santiago to drop off the passengers that came from Miami originally.

The flight is expected to land into the Chilean airport in the next six hours or so, pending no additional issues take place on the flight.

AviationSource will approach the airline for a comment on the reason for this diversion, with no squawk code broadcast being present during this event.

UPDATE #1 @ 2324 UK time – Understood that a passenger onboard AA957 took to social media and explained that a drunk person attacking someone on the plane was the cause of the diversion.

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