American Airlines Flight Miami-Chicago Hits Birds on Approach

American Airlines Flight Miami-Chicago Hits Birds on Approach
Photo Credit: Airbus.

Earlier this week, an American Airlines flight from Miami hit birds on it’s approach into Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Incident: American Airlines Flight Miami-Chicago Hits Birds on Approach…

American Airlines Flight Miami-Chicago Hits Birds on Approach
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American Airlines flight AA556 between Miami and Chicago O’Hare is a scheduled routine flight, with the affected rotation being operated by N410AN.

As per data from, N410AN is a 3.9 year old Airbus A321neo that was delivered to the carrier back in December 2019.

Of the A321neo variant, the carrier has 72 of them, of which 69 are in active service and three are currently parked.

American Airlines flight AA556 departed Miami at 0830 local time on October 30 and proceeded north-west towards the Chicago area.

As per The Aviation Herald, when AA556 was on final approach into O’Hare, a number of birds came into contact with the aircraft.

N410AN was able to land safely, and upon further inspection when the aircraft arrived at the gate, it is understood that the nose gear and left wing were damaged as a result of this incident.

Maintenance technicians then got to work on the airplane, and was grounded for a total of 28 hours before returning to commercial service, operating the return flight back to Miami from Chicago O’Hare.

Since then, the aircraft has operated sectors to the likes of Washington & Phoenix and is expected to carry on onwards to Dallas, Anchorage and other destinations.

From there, the incident was considered finished, with the FAA confirming the damage received to the aircraft on October 30.

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