American Airlines Dreamliner damaged in incident at Dublin Airport

American Airlines Boeing 787-8 N812AA in flight.
Photo Credit: Mark Harkin, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An incident has been reported at Dublin International Airport (DUB), which involved the collapse of an aerobridge while an American Airline’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner was parked alongside.

Photographs circulating on social media show the American Airlines 787-8 Dreamliner suffered heavy damage, with the L2 cabin door torn away. The aircraft is currently grounded as it requires maintenance as a result.

American Airlines 787-8 at Dublin Airport

The Boeing 787-8 involved in this incident is registered as NB12AA, and is around 7.6 years of age at the time of the incident, which occurred on Sunday 9 July.

This aircraft was manufactured in Dec 2015 and was originally delivered to American Airlines and has been with the airline ever since.

The aircraft had been scheduled to fly from Dublin to Philadelphia and following this incident the airline cancelled the flight and re-accommodated the passengers onto other alternative flights.


At this time, it is not known that what was the exact reason for the air bridge malfunction. The full extent of the damage to the aircraft is not clear but currently this aircraft remains grounded at Dublin Airport (DUB).

Photographs clearly show the access door completely torn away and lying on the tarmac near the aircraft.

Statements by authorities

The air bridge is the extension from the Terminal which connects the Terminal building to the aircraft for boarding and disembarkation; thereby eliminating the need of an alternative transport for the passengers.

In a statement issued by the airport authorities, it was stated: “DAA can confirm an incident which resulted in damage to American Airlines aircraft by an air bridge at Dublin Airport this morning, there were no reports of any injuries to any passengers or crew”.

The airport authorities also confirmed that the AAIU (Air Accident Investigation Unit) need not investigate this incident.

AAIU in statement said “The AAIU has reviewed photographic evidence and conducted initial discussion with those involved. The AAIU has determined that a deployment is not required at this time.”

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