American Airlines Boeing 777 Diverts to Shannon Due to Unresponsive Passenger

LONDON – In the last few moments, an American Airlines Boeing 777 en route to JFK from Heathrow has turned back, diverting to Shannon.

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At the time of writing, the aircraft is still in the air and is descending through 8,000 feet into Shannon, Ireland.

It is unclear why American Airlines Flight 107 is diverting into Shannon.

This is a developing story.

UPDATE #1 @ 1954 UK time – It appears as if AA107 is going for the straight-in approach for Runway 06 at Shannon.

UPDATE #2 @ 1956 UK time – AA107 isn’t squawking an emergency code, which means that whatever the issue is, it remains under control.

UPDATE #3 @ 2002 UK time – AA107 has landed safely at Shannon Airport, Ireland. Unclear at this time when the flight will depart again for JFK. AviationSource will approach American Airlines for comment.

UPDATE #4 @ 2003 UK time – N720AN is a Boeing 777-323ER that is 10 years old at the time of writing. American Airlines is the only recipient of this aircraft.

UPDATE #5 @ 2005 UK time – According to data from, N720AN was supposed to be operating AA951 to Sao Paulo later this evening, with those plans probably expected to be changed.

UPDATE #6 @ 2007 UK time – Reports indicate that this diversion was more serious than anticipated. It was a medical emergency consisting of an unresponsive male passenger.

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UPDATE #7 @ 2012 UK time – The image here shows the ADS-B data of American Airlines Flight 107, showing its steep descent on diversion into Shannon.

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