American Airlines 787 to Miami Suffers Loss of Cabin Pressure

American Airlines 787 to Miami Suffers Loss of Cabin Pressure
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It has emerged that an American Airlines Boeing 787 between Santiago, Chile and Miami suffered a loss of cabin pressure, prompting a return to the capital.

American Airlines 787 to Miami Suffers Loss of Cabin Pressure…

American Airlines 787 to Miami Suffers Loss of Cabin Pressure
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American Airlines flight 912 departed from Santiago, bound for Miami at 2210 local time on October 6, where it initially climbed to an altitude of 35,000-37,000 feet for cruise.

Minutes after reaching cruise, the flight suffered a loss of cabin pressure, which resulted in a significant descent rate and a U-turn back to the Chilean capital.

As per The Aviation Herald, it is understood the descent rate was at around 5,400 feet per minute, where it levelled off at 9,000 feet before continuing its approach back into the airport.

From there, the aircraft landed safely back into Santiago at 2323 local time, with the aircraft still on the ground at the time of writing (08/10/23 @ 1210 UK time), and no sight in it continuing on to Miami.

American Airlines flight 912 was being operated by N816AA, one of their Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft in the fleet.

As per data from, the jet was delivered to them in May 2016, and currently has an age of 7.6 years at the time of writing.

It is understood that AA945 from Dallas Fort-Worth, which was operated by N803AL, ended up being the replacement aircraft to take passengers back to Miami, as it was already heading for Santiago anyway.

That flight was back in the U.S by the early hours of this morning.

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