American Airlines 787 from Philadelphia diverts over Atlantic to Boston

Image Credit: RadarBox

An American Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner operating a transatlantic flight from Philadelphia to Venezia, Italy has made a precautionary diversion to Boston as it began to make the Atlantic crossing, after an onboard medical emergency.

American Airlines flight AA714 Philadelphia – Boston

American Airlines flight AA714, a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner was operating the scheduled long-haul service from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE); having departed PHL normally at 19:51 EDT on October 24.


Diversion to Boston

Flight data shows that flight AA714 had made a normal intercept of the outbound track and had climbed to flight level FL390 (39,000 feet), passing to the east of Connecticut for the transatlantic crossing.

It is understood that a medical emergency onboard dictated the precautionary diversion to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), where the flight landed approximately one and a half hours after departure.


A formal emergency was not declared in this instance, and the aircraft continued the onwards flight for Venezia; departing Boston at 23:10 EDT. The flight will be subject to an approximate delay of four hours following today’s unexpected diversion.

Onwards flight to Venezia (VCE)

With the onwards flight now in progress for Venezia, Italy, the extent or exact nature of the inflight issue is not yet known.

The aircraft operating the subject flight was a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner registered N812AA; a 7-year old widebody aircraft belonging to the US carrier American Airlines. According to Planespotters data, the aircraft was originally delivered to the carrier in November 2018.

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