Alaska Airlines Flight Dallas-Seattle Diverts to Las Vegas

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 in flight.
Sam Almo-Milkin, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It has emerged that an Alaska Airlines flight between Dallas Fort-Worth and Seattle diverted to Las Vegas in the early hours of this morning local time.

Incident: Alaska Airlines Flight Dallas-Seattle Diverts to Las Vegas…

Alaska Airlines Flight Dallas-Seattle Diverts to Las Vegas
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Alaska Airlines flight AS381 is a routine scheduled flight between Dallas-Fort Worth and Seattle, with the affected rotation being operated by N946AK.

As per data from, N946AK is a 1.1 year old Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft that was delivered to the carrier back in October 2022.

Of this variation of aircraft, Alaska Airlines has 59 of them, of which 58 are in active service and one is currently parked.

AS381 departed Dallas at 0044 local time this morning and proceeded westbound initially after departure.


Rather than continuing on to Seattle, the aircraft appeared to have descended into Las Vegas, where it landed there at 0131 local time.

It is understood that Alaska Airlines flight AS381 did not declare the 7700 emergency squawk broadcast during this diversion, with the reasoning being unclear at this time.

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Around an hour or so after it’s arrival, AS381 departed Las Vegas and headed northbound up to Seattle, where it landed there at 0436 local time.

Looking back at the ADS-B data for this particular rotation, this flight typically doesn’t stop in Las Vegas from Dallas, so it was most likely a necessary diversion.

AviationSource will approach the airline for a comment on this incident, and will update the article upon accrual of that.

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