Air France Flight Paris-Montreal Suffers Technical Failure

Air France Flight Paris-Montreal Suffers Technical Failure
Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

An Air France Airbus A330 operating a flight to Montreal had to turn back over the Atlantic Ocean back to Paris CDG due to a technical failure.

Incident: Air France Flight Paris-Montreal Suffers Technical Failure…

Air France Flight Paris-Montreal Suffers Technical Failure
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Air France flight AF348 is a routine scheduled flight between Paris CDG and Montreal, with the affected rotation being operated by F-GZCF.

As per data from, F-GZCF is a 21.6 year old Airbus A330-200 that was delivered to the French carrier back in June 2002.

Of the A330-200 variant, the French carrier has 15 of them, of which 12 are in active service and three are currently parked, with an average age of 21.1 years.

Air France flight AF348 departed Paris CDG at 1855 local time on December 21 and proceeded westbound in the direction of Montreal.

Upon reaching the Atlantic Ocean, the crew onboard F-GZCF opted to turn around and headed back to the French capital, where the aircraft landed safely following the issue onboard.

As per AirLive, it is understood the technical failure was on the windshield de-icing systems, which are a vital set of systems needed onboard the aircraft.

This explains why the Montreal-bound flight decided to return back to Paris CDG, as risking something like that could prove to be dangerous.

F-GZCF was grounded for the rest of the day, and the issue was fixed, with the aircraft departing again the next day on a service down to Cotonou, as per data from All eyes will be on this aircraft moving forward.

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