Air France Boeing 787 To New York U-Turns to Paris

Photo Credit: Anna Zvereza via Wikimedia Commons.

In the last few hours, an Air France Boeing 787 operating AF62 to New York Newark u-turned back to Paris CDG amidst reports of an oil leak onboard.

Incident: Air France Boeing 787 To New York U-Turns to Paris…

Air France Boeing 787 To New York U-Turns to Paris
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Air France flight AF62 is a routine flight between Paris CDG and New York Newark, with last night’s emergency involving F-HRBH.

As per data from, F-HRBH is a 4.5 year old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that was delivered to the airline back in April 2019.

The airline’s fleet of Dreamliners consist of 10 of the -9 variant, of which all 10 are in active service at the time of writing.

They have an average age of 5.4 years at the time of writing.

Preliminary reports suggest that Air France flight AF62, originally bound for New York, made the u-turn due to a possible oil leak on one of the engines.

Such data is yet to be confirmed, however early speculation suggested that it was a hijack attempt, despite no broadcast of the 7500 squawk code, nor communication with ATC about this.

AF62 made the u-turn at around 2004 UTC, and proceeded to head back to Paris, rather than continue across the Atlantic to New York.

Around an hour and 40 minutes later, the jet made a safe arrival back into CDG, and the jet has not been in the air since this return.

There will no doubt be confirmation of this emergency in the next few days, with all eyes being on Air France technicians to see how long it will take to get F-HRBH back into commercial service.

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