Air Canada Flight Toronto-New Delhi Diverts to London

Air Canada Flight Toronto-New Delhi Diverts to London
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Earlier this morning, an Air Canada Boeing 777 operating AC42 between Toronto and New Delhi had to divert to London Heathrow.

Incident: Air Canada Flight Toronto-New Delhi Diverts to London…

Air Canada Flight Toronto-New Delhi Diverts to London
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Air Canada flight AC42 is a routine scheduled flight between Toronto and New Delhi, with the affected rotation diverting to London Heathrow being operated by C-FNND.

As per data from, C-FNND is a 15.8 year old Boeing 777-200 that was delivered to the Canadian airline back in February 2008.

Of the 777-200 variant, the airline has six of them, of which all of them are in active service and have an average fleet age of 16 years.

Air Canada flight AC42 departed Toronto at 1916 local time yesterday evening and proceeded eastbound to New Delhi.

Amid an unspecified reason, the crew onboard opted to divert to London Heathrow, with a local live streamer on the scene dubbing it an “emergency diversion”.

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At this stage, it is unclear what the reason for the diversion is, but we do know is that Air Canada flight AC42 has since departed London Heathrow and is continuing on to New Delhi.

It is understood that C-FNND was on the ground for around 90 minutes before departing again.

AirLive reports that the aircraft was met by fire crews on arrival into the diversion airfield.

AviationSource will approach Air Canada for a comment on the nature of this diversion, and as soon as we have additional information, we will update the article accordingly.

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