Air Canada Boeing 777 Narrowly Misses Accident at Toronto

Air Canada Boeing 777 Narrowly Misses Accident at Toronto
Photo Credit: Jamie Clarke/AviationSource

An Air Canada Boeing 777 narrowly misses an accident on the runway at Toronto due to heavy windshear just feet above the ground.

Incident: Air Canada Boeing 777 Narrowly Misses Accident at Toronto…

Air Canada Boeing 777 Narrowly Misses Accident at Toronto
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Air Canada flight AC2 was a routine scheduled flight between Tokyo Haneda and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The affected rotation was operated by C-FIUV, a 15.7 year old Boeing 777-300ER that was delivered to the carrier back in March 2008, as per data from

Of the 777-300ER variant, the Canadian carrier currently has 19 of them, of which 17 are in active service and two are currently parked.

The average fleet age of the variant across the Air Canada fleet is 13.4 years.

Video Credit: @22_toronto via YouTube.

As we can see from the video above, Air Canada flight AC2 was on final into a windy Toronto Pearson airport, where less than 100 feet above the ground, windshear hit the Boeing 777-300ER.

This caused the aircraft to sway to the left and right, and on touchdown, the aircraft’s wings nearly scrape the ground, which could have proved fatal.

Despite this, the aircraft was able to get to a stop safely thereafter, and taxied to the gate as standard.

C-FIUV operated the return flight, AC1, back to Tokyo Haneda from Toronto, highlighting that no damage was sustained to the aircraft as a result.

Windshear can be quite dangerous for aircraft, and in most cases, initiate go-arounds depending on how severe it actually is.

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