Air Canada 787 bound for Mumbai returns to London

Image Credit: RadarBox

An Air Canada flight bound for Mumbai from London is initiating a return to London Heathrow not long after departure.

Air Canada flight AC856, a Boeing 787-9 operating the long haul service from London Heathrow (LHR) to Mumbai International Airport (BOM), has initiated a return to Heathrow, after a period of holding off the English southeast coast.

Air Canada AC856 London – Mumbai

Flight track of AC856 London to Mumbai, showing return to London.

Flight data shows that Air Canada flight AC856 made an on-time departure out of London Heathrow this morning at 11:13 UTC and was establishing on the outbound track for Mumbai, India.

The flight was on climb through FL180 (18,000 feet) and crossing the English southeast coast before entering a holding procedure; possibly to allow fuel dumping before committing to the return to LHR.

Return to London LHR

Flight track of AC856 London to Mumbai, showing return to London.

Having exited the holding pattern over Kent, the flight has proceeded under normal operations for a return to Heathrow and is currently establishing on finals for RWY09 LHR.

Weather for the flight’s return to LHR is current Visual Meteorological Conditions (VFR), with winds 060 at 10kt and visibility 10 kilometres or more.

The aircraft operating today’s long haul AC856 rotation to Mumbai is a Boeing 787-9 registered C-FGDZ; a 7-year old widebody aircraft belonging to the Canadian national flag carrier Air Canada.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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