Air Algerie Flight Returns to Algiers Due to Cracked Cabin Window

ERIC SALARD from PARIS, FRANCE, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An Air Algerie flight from Algiers to Lyon, France made a precautionary return to Algiers on 17 April 2024.

Air Algerie flight AH1036, a Boeing 737-800 en route to Lyon made the decision to return after a cracked cabin window was detected.

Air Algerie AH1036 Algiers-Lyon

The flight was outbound over the Balearic Sea in cruising flight when the decision was made to return.

Specifically, the issued centred around the cracked outer pane of one of the aircraft cabin windows. Exercising caution, the crew initiated a return flight to Algiers without descending from cruising altitude.

The flight crew opted for a return to Algiers following normal operating procedures, without declaring a formal emergency.

Flight data shows that flight AH1036 had made a delayed departure out of Algiers on 17 April.

The Lyon bound flight made an actual time of departure of 1110 local time. Scheduled departure time for the rotation was 0930 local time.

The aircraft made a normal departure before climbing to flight level FL340 (34,000 feet) for the northerly route to France.

The crew decided to make a precautionary return as the aircraft was in cruising flight over the Balearic Sea.

Flight crew established a direct return to the departure airport Algiers International Airport Houari Boumediene (ALG). The flight subsequently landed without incident.

Boeing 737-800 7T-VJO

The aircraft operating the AH1036 service to Lyon was a Boeing 737-800, registered 7T-VJO.

This is a 22.9 year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the Algerian national carrier. The aircraft has been in service with Air Algerie since June 2001.

ERIC SALARD from PARIS, FRANCE, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Air Algérie is the national carrier of Algeria . Founded in 1962, it’s headquartered in Algiers, Algeria.

The airline has hubs at Algiers International Airport Houari Boumediene, El Bayadh Airport, and Mecheria Airport.

The carrier serves 78 destinations and has codeshare agreements with Tunisair and Turkish Airlines.

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