Aeromexico Boeing 787 Amsterdam-Mexico City Diverts to Merida

Aeromexico Boeing 787 Amsterdam-Mexico City Diverts to Merida
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An Aeromexico Boeing 787 between Amsterdam and Mexico City had to divert to Merida this morning following an unspecified issue.

Incident: Aeromexico Boeing 787 Amsterdam-Mexico City Diverts to Merida…

Aeromexico Boeing 787 Amsterdam-Mexico City Diverts to Merida
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Aeromexico flight AM26 is a routine scheduled flight between Amsterdam Schiphol and Mexico City, with the affected rotation being operated by XA-ADL.

As per data from, XA-ADL is a 7.1 year old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in the special Quetzalcoatl livery which was delivered to the airline back in October 2016.

Of the 787 family, the Mexican carrier has eight of the -8 variant and 12 of the -9 variant, of which all of them are in active service currently.


Aeromexico flight AM26 departed Amsterdam at 2252 local time last night and proceeded across the Atlantic, through the coastal tip of the United States before entering central America.

Rather than continuing on to Mexico City, the Boeing 787 took a deviation south and started descending into Merida.

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Over an hour and a half after landing into Merida, AM26 departed and continued on to Mexico City, with the aircraft still in the air at the time of writing (26/10/23 @ 1100 UK time).

This will no doubt mean a potential delay in the return flight to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport unless a different aircraft has been allocated to operate the flight.

At this stage, it is unclear why the flight diverted into Merida in the first place, and AviationSource will attempt to contact Aeromexico for a comment on this particular diversion.

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