Aer Lingus Flight to New York U-Turns Back to Manchester

Aer Lingus Flight to New York U-Turns Back to Manchester
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In the last 30 minutes, an Aer Lingus Airbus A330 bound for New York JFK has u-turned back to Manchester, with the issue unknown currently.

Aer Lingus Flight to New York U-Turns Back to Manchester…

Aer Lingus Flight to New York U-Turns Back to Manchester
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Aer Lingus flight EUK9HR is a routine scheduled flight between Manchester and New York JFK, with the affected rotation being operated by G-EILA.

As per data from, G-EILA is a 13.9 year old Airbus A330-300 that has been with the Irish carrier since April 2010.

It was transferred over to the UK subsidiary in July 2021, when the carrier began long-haul operations from the UK airport.

In the UK subsidiary, there are two Airbus A330-300s in the fleet, holding an average age of 14.3 years.

Aer Lingus flight EUK9HR departed Manchester at 1435 local time, and initially proceeded westbound in the direction of New York JFK.

Upon reaching Dublin, the aircraft made a u-turn and opted to head back to the airport, with the aircraft not squawking the emergency code at any point during this.

As it stands, it is unclear what the cause of the u-turn is. As soon as we have more information pertinent to this, then we will update the piece accordingly.

Therefore, this remains a developing story whilst we ascertain the facts.

UPDATE #1 @ 1538 UK time – TOUCHDOWN! EUK9HR has touched down safely back into Manchester following it’s u-turn over Dublin. It is unclear why the aircraft hasn’t continued to New York.

UPDATE #2 @ 1541 UK time – Understood that the aircraft is being escorted by Ops and fire crews following this landing.

UPDATE #3 @ 1601 UK time – As per @Shauns_Aviation on X, EI45 returned back to Manchester due to receiving a call from operations that there was suspected damage on the aircraft.

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