Aer Lingus Flight Shannon-Boston Suffers Disruptive Passenger

Aer Lingus Flight Shannon-Boston Suffers Disruptive Passenger
Photo Credit: Anna Zvereza via Wikimedia Commons.

An Aer Lingus flight bound for Boston had to turn back to Shannon due to a disruptive passenger onboard.

Incident: Aer Lingus Flight Shannon-Boston Suffers Disruptive Passenger…

Aer Lingus Flight Shannon-Boston Suffers Disruptive Passenger
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Aer Lingus flight EI135 is a routine scheduled flight between Shannon and Boston, with the affected rotation being operated by EI-LRC.

As per data from, EI-LRC is a 4.1 year old Airbus A321neo that was delivered to the Irish carrier back in October 2019.

Of the A321neo variant, the airline has eight of them, of which seven are in active service and one is parked, offering an average age of 3.4 years.

Some of these A321neos operate transatlantic services to the United States and Canada at times where demand on the routes are low or are just assigned based on scheduling.

Aer Lingus flight EI135 departed from the Irish airport at 1440 local time this afternoon, proceeding westbound to Boston.

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Upon reports of a disruptive passengers, the aircraft u-turned back to Shannon, where it landed safely in the presence of police on arrival.

It is understood the aircraft was in the air for over two hours, and was some way across the Atlantic Ocean before the Aer Lingus A321neo turned back to the Irish airport.

At this stage, there are no details surrounding the disruptive passenger. This remains a developing story.

AviationSource will approach Aer Lingus for a comment on this incident in Shannon, as well as attempt to source information to see if it will re-attempt the flight to Boston tonight.

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