ABX Air Freighter Suffers Bird Strike on Landing Milwaukee

Tim from Boston, MA, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

An ABX Air freighter aircraft operating the regional flight from Cincinnati, KY to Milwaukee, WI suffered a bird strike while landing on 17 April 2024.

The incident at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) involved an ABX Air Boeing 767-200 freighter operating into RWY 19R.

ABX Air GB2042 Cincinnati-Milwaukee

Whilst the aircraft was in the landing flare, several birds flew into its path and struck the aircraft.

Bird Strike on Landing MKE

According to an FAA report, the incident arose when the aircraft struck several seagulls which were flying across the runway as the aircraft commenced its touchdown.

The FAA report details that some minor damage to the right-hand engine was suffered as a result of the birdstrike.

The subsequent postflight inspection revealed some fan blade damage in that engine.

The report notes that the aircraft had declared an emergency, however data shows the transponder code 7700 was not activated.

Flight data shows that the aircraft, operating as flight GB2042, departed on time from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport (CVG) at 0610 local time on 17 April.

The flight then continued normally in the northerly route for Milwaukee, climbing to flight level FL380 (38.000 feet).

Normal letdown approach procedures were initiated, and the incident then occurred in the latter stages of the flights landing.

Boeing 767-200 N650GT

The aircraft conducting the flight GB2042 domestic service was a Boeing 767-200 freighter registered N650GT.

This is a 41-year old dedicated freighter aircraft belonging to the carrier DHL Aviation. It is operated by ABX Air on behalf of the freight carrier.

Tim from Boston, MA, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

ABX Air is a cargo airline based in the United States. Here’s a quick summary about them:

  • Cargo airline: They primarily focus on transporting freight rather than passengers.
  • Founded in 1980: They’ve been around for over 40 years.
  • Owned by Air Transport Services Group: They are part of a larger aviation services company.
  • Hubs in Ohio and Florida: Their main operations are centered around Wilmington, Ohio and Miami, Florida.
  • Fleet of Boeing 767s: They primarily use Boeing 767 freighter aircraft.
  • ACMI and CMI services: They offer customized air cargo services with varying leasing options for aircrafts and crews.

ABX Air used to be known as Airborne Express before being acquired by DHL in 2003. They primarily serve as a contractor for other companies, particularly DHL, to move cargo around the world.

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