Gdansk Airport Closes Due to Poor Weather

LONDON – Gdansk Airport in Poland is currently closed due to poor weather and visibility caused by snow.

At the time of writing, there is one aircraft in the hold, which is FR3286 which originated from Leeds Bradford Airport in the UK, according to data from

It has been in the hold for around an hour so far, with either a diversion yet to be made or another attempt at landing.

Weather at Gdansk Airport shows around 0.5nm of visibility, with a cloud base of 700 feet, making it difficult for flights to land.

Follow for more updates. This is a developing story.

UPDATE #1 @ 2201 UK time – With FR3286 still in the hold, it is unclear how much fuel it will have before a decision has to be made about a divert.

UPDATE #2 @ 2203 UK time – KL1923 from Amsterdam is on its way to Gdansk as well, with the aircraft around 50 minutes from the Polish airport.

UPDATE #3 @ 2205 UK time – FR3286 has come out of the hold and appears to be attempting an approach into Gdansk.

UPDATE #4 @ 2208 UK time – FR3286 is on final approach into Gdansk. Let’s see if it will be able to land or not.

UPDATE #5 @ 2213 UK time – FR3286 has managed to land at Gdansk Airport safely, indicating that conditions must be improving somewhat.

By James Field - Editor in Chief 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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