Aussie cultural icon: How did Qantas get its name?

A Qantas 747 in custom Wunala livery.
Photo Credit: Qantas
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A recent glance at social media recently revealed that many people are unaware of the origin of the name Qantas.

In the first of two articles, we explain the origin of the name, and take a look at what Qantas has grown to represent culturally and internationally.

Qantas, Australia’s iconic national airline, evokes more than just notions of sun-drenched beaches and vast outback.

The name, often assumed to hold some sort of hidden meaning, embodies a unique cultural tapestry woven from practicality, national pride, and a touch of outback grit.

While its origin story revolves around the acronym’s convenience, the Qantas name has transcended its workmanlike roots to become a potent symbol with distinct cultural connotations both within Australia and globally.

The Tyranny of Distance

Born in 1920 on the sun-baked plains of Winton, Queensland, Qantas sprouted from a practical need: connecting remote regions.

Its initial name, Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited, was quite a mouthful yet reflected its ambitious vision.

The acronym, QANTAS, wasn’t so much a stroke of marketing genius as a pragmatic solution; a simple reflection of the make-do pioneering spirit of the time.


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Those early days saw Qantas offering aerial taxi services and adventurous joyrides, etching its name into steadily into the Australian consciousness.

As it matured- ferrying mail, cargo, and eventually passengers – the acronym transcended its utilitarian beginnings. It was becoming an emblem of hope, progress and national pride, carrying the aspirations of a young nation still finding its feet.

When you consider the fact that the straight-line distance between Perth on the west coast (2,049mi) to Sydney on Australia’s east coast is 38% greater than the distance from London to Moscow, you get a sense of the sheer scale of the continent Aussies must negotiate.

The name Qantas increasingly resonated with a population yearning to overcome vast distances and to forge a distinct sense of identity.

Fate intervened in the 1930s. As Australia sought international air links, a partnership with British Imperial Airways led to the creation of Qantas Empire Airways Limited. This would ultimately cement the association of Qantas with the young nation to those further afield.

Photo Credit: Qantas

Birth of the Flying Kangaroo

At the same time, the kangaroo, symbolizing resilience and agility, became its mascot, perfectly embodying the airline’s spirit and outback roots. This iconic image blurred the lines between the acronym and its national significance.

By 1967, Qantas had formally adopted Qantas Airways Limited. But the acronym, already deeply embedded in the public consciousness, continued to resonate.

Passengers from across continents recognized it as the Australian flag carrier, a symbol of reliability and a gateway to the unique experiences the country offered.

A group of Qantas aircraft parked together showing Flying Kangaroo tails
Photo Credit: Josh Withers via Pexels

Within Australia, Qantas was becoming something of a national icon, synonymous with progress and connection. It wasn’t just an airline, and it was now even more than a lifeline linking isolated communities – it was fostering a growing sense of national unity.

This emotional connection further deepened with the adoption of the kangaroo as its mascot, a symbol of resilience and adaptability perfectly in tune with the Australian spirit.

The Allure of Qantas

Globally, Qantas initially represented the exotic allure of a distant land. As a word, it had no preconceived meaning. The acronym, with its unfamiliar ring, seemed to hint at adventure and uncharted territories.

As Australia emerged on the world stage, Qantas became a gateway to its unique landscapes and culture. The name evolved into a mark of quality and reliability, reassuring international travelers of a smooth journey to the distant sunburnt land.

However, the cultural connotations of Qantas’s name haven’t remained static. In recent times, Australians have embraced the name’s down-to-earth origins with a touch of humor.

Heartfelt marketing campaigns like “I Still Call Australia Home” and “Feels Like Home” celebrated the ‘down home’ simplicity at the heart of its identity.

For a people that generally snub the putting on of airs and graces, that sense of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ was powerfully seminal – it resonated with Australians’ easygoing nature and it further cemented the airline in the national psyche.

From Outback to Cultural Icon

Today the Qantas name embodies far more than just the airline itself. It’s a cultural touchstone, a symbol of national pride, and a reminder of the practical, pioneering spirit that fuelled Australia’s growth.

It’s a name that has evolved, adapted, and soared, just like the country it represents.

Globally, the perception of Qantas is evolving too. While the ‘exotic’ element persists, it has embedded itself in the global aviation psyche as an airline synonymous with air safety.

A Qantas B787 on takeoff.
Photo Credit: Qantas Media

Almost true to the nature of the native kangaroo which it became identifiable with, the Flying Kangaroo has taken some knocks in more recent times.

Ironically, that is pretty much in keeping with the Aussie larrikin spirit which it was raised from.

So, the next time you hear the word Qantas, remember – it’s not just an airline. It’s a story of ambition, practicality, and national identity, forever intertwined with the wild blue skies and ruggedly vast landscape of the Land Downunder. Cheers, mate.

Join us next weekend for Part Two: A look at the changing Qantas aircraft.

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From a pioneering outback aerial operator to an Australian cultural icon: We unpack the origins of the name Qantas.
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