US Senate confirms Mike Whitaker as next FAA Administrator

An airliner passes under the contrails of another flight.
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The U.S. Senate voted unanimously to confirm Mike Whitaker as the next Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg expressed his support for this decision and highlighted the critical role Mike Whitaker is expected to play in the future of aviation in the United States.

We look at the takeaways from Pete Buttigieg’s statement, and the implications for the FAA and the broader aviation community.

Right Choice for a Vital Role

Mike Whitaker’s confirmation as the Administrator of the FAA marks a pivotal moment in the agency’s history. With three decades of aviation experience, including his time as the FAA’s Deputy Administrator, Whitaker brings an impressive wealth of knowledge to the role.

His appointment received broad bipartisan support, underlining the consensus on his expertise and ability to lead the agency effectively from day one.


Whitaker steps into his new role at a time when the national airspace is busier and more complex than ever. The challenges that lie ahead are significant.

One of the most pressing issues is addressing close call incidents that have raised concerns within the aviation community. This challenge requires a collaborative approach to ensure safety and efficiency in the skies.

An Air Traffic Controller in control tower.
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Air Traffic Control Hiring and Training

Maintaining the FAA’s momentum in air traffic control hiring and training is another crucial aspect of Whitaker’s role.

Ensuring that air traffic controllers are well-prepared and adequately trained is essential for the safety of all aviation operations. The FAA must continue to attract and develop top talent to meet the demands of the industry.

Responding to Disruptions

The aviation industry experienced a spike in disruptions last summer, leading to a surge in flight cancellations.

Mike Whitaker will need to work closely with airlines to develop creative solutions that keep cancellations to a minimum. This collaboration is vital to maintaining a seamless and efficient air travel experience for passengers.

Modernization for Safety and Efficiency

One of the critical aspects of Whitaker’s role is overseeing the modernization of key systems that the national aviation system relies on.

Inadequate investments in modernization, whether in infrastructure or software, can leave the entire system vulnerable to failures.

To ensure the FAA remains a gold standard of safety and efficiency, close cooperation with Congress is essential to secure the necessary investments.


In conclusion, Mike Whitaker’s confirmation as the Administrator of the FAA is a significant development for the aviation industry.

His wealth of experience, bipartisan support, and commitment to addressing the challenges facing the FAA make him the right choice for the job.

The U.S. Transportation Secretary also expressed gratitude to Deputy Secretary Trottenberg for her leadership during the past five months in an acting capacity.

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