UK CAA and IAA to strengthen co-operation on safety enforcement

Image of Declan Fitzpatrick (IAA) (left) and Rob Bishton (UK CAA) (right)
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The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) have taken a significant step toward achieving this goal by signing a Declaration of Cooperation.

This move aims to strengthen the ties between these two entities, fostering a more secure aviation environment by curbing illegal public transport flights and other breaches of aviation safety laws and regulations.

Enhancing Aviation Safety

Under the new declaration, the UK CAA and the IAA pledge to promote compliance with aviation laws and encourage safe air operations by operators in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, as well as those operating between these regions.

The partnership’s primary objective is to enhance aviation safety through mutual cooperation and information sharing.

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Rob Bishton, the Chief Executive Designate at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, “Aviation safety is a principal responsibility for any aviation regulator.”

“We already have strong ties with the Irish Aviation Authority, and this declaration bolsters our ties to allow us to work together effectively. Our cooperation agreement not only encourages safety in the UK and the Republic of Ireland but internationally as well.”

A History of Cooperation

Declan Fitzpatrick, Chief Executive at the Irish Aviation Authority, highlighted the long-standing cooperation between the two agencies, which dates back to well before Brexit.

He stated, “Ireland has a long history of cooperation with the UK Civil Aviation Authority on many aspects of civil aviation. Following Brexit, this cooperation agreement will further strengthen that relationship and facilitate effective safety enforcement across both jurisdictions.”

“As aviation regulators, safety is our number one priority, and sharing of expertise and information is key to ensuring that we maintain our excellent safety records.”

UK CAA & IAA Focused Initiatives

The collaboration between the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Irish Aviation Authority will encompass various aspects aimed at enhancing aviation safety.

The regulators will share relevant information regarding any breaches of Civil Aviation Law by a manufacturer, a maintenance organisation, air operator or a person illegally operating an aircraft. 

Key initiatives of the collaboration will include:

Incident Resolution

The two authorities will increase cooperation on incidents involving alleged or proven breaches of regulations.

This means a more coordinated and efficient approach to resolving issues and enforcing safety measures.

Enhanced Enforcement

A key goal of this partnership is to improve the effectiveness of enforcement actions. This will contribute to a safer aviation environment and act as a deterrent for potential violations.

Reducing Illegal Flying

One of the primary objectives of this cooperation is to reduce the risk of illegal flying activities. By sharing information and resources, both authorities can better address this issue, ultimately making the skies safer for everyone.

Mutual Exchange of Expertise

In the spirit of collaboration, the two authorities will engage in the exchange of technical staff, facilitating reciprocal consultations and sharing information on investigative and enforcement actions.

This mutual exchange of expertise will undoubtedly bolster their efforts in maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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