SkyWorks Holdings announces Q3 activities

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SkyWorks Holdings has announced transactions and activities performed during Q3 2023 for its Leasing & Asset Management division and Investment Banking & Advisory Groups.

Leasing & Asset Management Group

Sale of A320-200 Airframe and V2500 Engines

The division facilitated the sale of one ex-Bangkok Airways A320-200 airframe and two V2500 engines to separate buyers, acting on behalf of a major U.S. financial institution.

Sale of V2500 Engines

SkyWorks’ influence extended further as they arranged the sale of three V2500 engines on behalf of two institutional investor clients.

The company also facilitated the sale of two off-lease V2500 engines, once again on behalf of a major U.S. financial institution, this time to United Airlines.

737-800SF Aircraft

Keeping an eye on the future, SkyWorks was retained by a U.S.-based investor to remarket 737-800SF aircraft for sale or lease, with these aircraft becoming available in Q4 2023.


An Aegean Airlines A321neo in flight.
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Aegean Airlines A321-200 Aircraft

The Group also facilitated the sale of two A321-200 aircraft leased to Aegean Airlines, marking yet another feather in their cap.

Hillwood Airways 737-700 Aircraft

The Group was retained by an investor to provide long-term lease management and remarketing services for four 737-700 aircraft.

These aircraft initially served Hillwood Airways, TX, and the ongoing partnership showcases SkyWorks’ dedication to fostering long-term client relationships.

Investment Banking & Advisory Group

Spirit Airlines: Sale and Leaseback Financing

The Group was retained by Spirit Airlines for the sale and leaseback financing of certain used aircraft.

This partnership highlights the capability to provide tailored financial solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Advisory Services

A North American network carrier sought SkyWorks’ guidance on a potential aircraft order. This collaboration highlights the trust that major players in the industry have in SkyWorks’ advisory services.

Latin American Fleet Strategy

In yet another strategic advisory role, SkyWorks worked with a Latin American network carrier to refine and enhance its fleet strategy.

Their ability to adapt to the specific requirements of regional markets is one of SkyWorks’ key strengths.

A Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Airbus A321LR in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Andy Prhat/SAS

Exit Financing for Scandinavian Airlines

SkyWorks stepped in as an aviation advisor to Castlelake in their bid to provide exit financing to Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

This transaction is a prime example of involvement in significant financial arrangements within the aviation sector.

Portfolio of Regional Aircraft

SkyWorks completed a noteworthy assignment for an investor consortium concerning a portfolio of regional aircraft.

An assignment with an Asia-Pacific network carrier regarding the order of turboprop aircraft further expands SkyWorks’ global reach. Their advisory services are not confined to a single region but encompass a wide spectrum of international clients.

The group also maintained its advisory role with a U.S. low-cost carrier concerning its aircraft order book.

Latin America

Continuing their efforts in Latin America, SkyWorks provided fleet-related advisory services to a Latin American low-cost carrier.

SkyWorks continued to advise Viva Aerobus regarding its prospective aircraft order, emphasizing their commitment to helping clients build a brighter future.

A320neo and Embraer E2 Family

Last but not least, SkyWorks provided aircraft and engine sourcing advisory services for Airbus A320neo and Embraer E2 family aircraft to an EMEA flag carrier.

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