Record air travel demand predicted for US Thanksgiving

Airlines for America Thanksgiving 2023 Air Travel Forecast
Image Credit: Airlines for America

As Thanksgiving approaches, the excitement of travel fills the air. Across the nation, families are gearing up to visit loved ones, explore new destinations, or simply escape the daily grind.

However, with a projected record-breaking 30 million travelers during the 11-day Thanksgiving travel period, it’s essential to be well-prepared for the journey ahead.

Record High Demand for Air Travel

This Thanksgiving, U.S. airlines are bracing for an unprecedented surge in demand. Anticipating nearly 30 million travelers from November 17 to 27, this marks an all-time high for holiday travel.

According to Airlines for America (A4A) projections, each day will witness approximately 2.7 million passengers taking to the skies, reflecting a significant nine percent increase from the previous year.

The Peak: Nov. 26 – A Day to Plan Ahead

Amidst the bustling travel period, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, is expected to be the busiest.

With a record-setting estimate of 3.2 million passengers, meticulous planning becomes paramount for a smooth travel experience.

Airlines for America Thanksgiving 2023 Air Travel Forecast


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Airlines Gear Up for Unprecedented Demand

To meet this surge in demand, U.S. airlines have been diligently preparing for the holiday travel rush. Key initiatives include aggressive hiring, ensuring optimal staffing levels, and adapting schedules to align with passenger demand.

Notably, employment levels in U.S. passenger airlines have reached the highest point in over two decades, reflecting a commitment to accommodating the influx of travelers.

Investments in technology are also a focal point, with a significant emphasis on mobile apps. These apps serve as indispensable tools, offering vital updates on boarding times, gate numbers, and other crucial information.

Beyond operational updates, many airline apps provide in-flight entertainment options such as free movies, TV shows, and texting services.

Tips for Smooth Travel

In the midst of heightened activity, travelers can take proactive steps to ensure a stress-free journey:

1. Embrace Technology: Download Your Airline’s Mobile App

Stay ahead of the game by downloading your airline’s mobile app as soon as you secure your ticket. These apps are a treasure trove of information, providing real-time updates that include boarding times, gate changes, and essential announcements.

Additionally, many airline apps offer complimentary in-flight entertainment, ensuring you’re entertained throughout your journey.

2. Time Management is Key: Allow Plenty of Time

Whether you’re relying on a taxi, ride-share service, or driving yourself to the airport, allocate extra time.

Holiday travel season witnesses increased activity, and accounting for potential delays ensures a smoother experience. Construction in parking garages may lead to limited spaces, so plan accordingly.

3. Pack Smart: Snacks and an Empty Water Bottle

Prepare for the unexpected by packing snacks and an empty water bottle. Some airport vendors may be closed, and having your provisions can be a lifesaver.

Fill your water bottle after clearing security to stay hydrated during your flight.

4. Expedite Security: Consider TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

For a swift and hassle-free security checkpoint experience, consider enrolling in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. These programs streamline the security process, allowing you to navigate through with ease.

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