Meghan Montana joins Azorra’s Board of Directors

Meghan Montana joins Azzura's Board of directors.
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Aircraft lessor Azorra has welcomed Meghan Montana to its Board of directors, after being appointed to the position.

Meghan Montana also holds a position as Vice President & Treasurer of American Airlines, with her role overseeing the carrier’s treasury activities, along with corporate & global finance, as well as fleet transactions and more.

Warm welcome from Azorra

The international aircraft lessor Azorra, has given a warm welcome to American Airlines’ Vice President and Treasurer, Meghan Montana, as she joins its Board of directors by appointment.

With a broad history in American Airlines, Meghan Montana is believed to be a great addition to Azorra’s board of directors.

Her history within American Airlines contains multiple important jobs, as her position oversees the carrier’s corporate and global finance, cash management, fleet transactions, asset management, risk management and lastly, fuel procurement.

Meghan has an earlier history within banks, and has history with the Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Chartered Bank and Deutsche Bank. She also holds an MBA from New York Univeristy’s Stern School of Business.


John Evans, CEO of Azorra, stated the following on the introduction of Meghan Montana to the board:

“We’re honored to welcome Meghan to our Board, especially on the heels of celebrating Women in Aviation Week this month. Our most important asset is our people.”

“Together with our team, our partners at Oaktree, the appointment of David Neeleman to our Board last year, and now Meghan, we are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in our industry.”


“With her extensive airline, corporate and investment banking experience, Meghan brings a unique, valuable perspective to Azorra as we continue to build a world-class aircraft leasing business,” he concluded.

Meghan Montana also expressed her enthusiasm at the prospect of joining the operation, saying: “I’m excited to join the Azorra Board and to help Azorra continue its impressive growth trajectory,”

“I look forward to working with the Azorra team of experienced aviation professionals.” – she concludes.

About Azorra

Azorra is an international aircraft lessor, providing lease, asset management and financing solutions, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The company has a 25+ year track record, with over 500 aircraft traded and over 275 managed. All across a total of more than 70 countries

Azorra currently serves as a lessor to 21 customers across 16 countries, with the most notable ones being airBaltic (BT), British Airways (BA), AeroMexico (AM) and Porter Airlines (P3).

And fleet wise, Azorra acts as a lessor to both regional and narrowbody-jet operators, ranging their fleet from the Embraer E170 & CRJ-700 aircraft, all the way to the Airbus A220 series and Boeing 737 airliners.

The company is led by John Evans, who acts as the CEO and Founder of the company, along with CFO Alan Stanford, President Ron Baur and multiple other leading personnel to keep the company running.


The aviation market is far from shy of aircraft lessors, and it appears that Azorra has achieved a great scoop in the appointment of Meghan Montana, given her previous record and history in American Airlines and banking.

She is likely to be an overall great addition to the company’s board of directors, helping to further develop the Azorra brand and its market.

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