UrbanX Air and Eve Air to launch first air taxi flights in Florida

Render of a GlobalX eVTOL aircraft in Miami, South Florida
Image Credit: Eve Air Mobility

UrbanX Air, a subsidiary of Global Crossing Airlines Group, Inc. and Eve Air Mobility, have joined forces to introduce Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to Miami, Florida.

The new electric commuter flights are slated to commence in 2026, pending FAA and DOT approvals.

UAM in South Florida

This groundbreaking initiative signals the initiation of electric air commuting in South Florida, with UrbanX and Eve Air Mobility working closely with local and state authorities, as well as infrastructure, energy, and technology providers.

The goal is to create a robust framework for launching electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft flights, offering commuters a faster, safer, and more sustainable mode of transportation.

In a strategic acquisition in 2022, GlobalX inked a letter of intent to purchase 200 eVTOLs from Eve, a renowned leader in global eVTOL development.


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The delivery of the first 10 eVTOLs in 2026 positions UrbanX as the pioneer in introducing cutting-edge aircraft technology to South Florida.

Render of an Eve Air Mobility eVTOL aircraft over South Korea.
Image Credit: Eve Air Mobility

Transforming Urban Travel

“Urban Air Mobility has the capacity to transform the way people move throughout the Miami metropolitan area, and we are proud to lead the way to bring this technology to the region and ensure it benefits our entire community,” said Lucy Morillo, Esq., President & CEO of UrbanX.

Ed Wegel, Chairman and CEO of GlobalX, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the significance of adding eVTOLs to their growing fleet.

This move provides clients with international, domestic, regional, and intra-city travel options, enhancing accessibility and connectivity.

UrbanX aims to establish an initial route network covering critical areas in South Florida, offering residents an efficient, economical, and lower-carbon means of commuting.

The collaboration between UrbanX and Eve involves identifying key origin and destination locations to create pivotal routes throughout the region.

The eVTOL aircraft, boasting a 100 percent electric design and a range of 60 miles, is well-suited for a variety of UAM flights in the Miami area, promising efficient and sustainable transportation options.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with the team at UrbanX to bring eVTOL operations to Miami-Dade County,” said Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve Air Mobility.

“By leveraging the latest aviation technology and providing an exceptional customer experience, UrbanX will be well positioned to change the way people commute and travel in South Florida.”

UrbanX’s Socially Responsible Mission

UrbanX’s mission extends beyond providing safe and efficient transportation. Under a social enterprise business model, they aim to serve Miami-Dade County with human-piloted eVTOLs.

Collaborating with local governments, UrbanX seeks to benefit not only passengers but also the surrounding communities, including private corporations, airports, airlines, cruise lines, public agencies, and hospitals in need of rapid transportation, such as medical transports.

The commitment to a social enterprise business model includes partnerships with local governments to offer discounted rides for essential community services, such as medical transport or senior care.

UrbanX is in the process of establishing an advisory board, a think tank comprising community leaders and industry experts, ensuring strategic guidance to redefine urban transportation while meeting community needs.


The completion of transactions outlined in the Eve Air Mobility Letter of Intent is contingent on the execution of definitive agreements and the receipt of necessary regulatory approvals.

UrbanX is powered by Miami-based Global Crossing Airlines Group, Inc., which operates the U.S. 121 domestic flag and supplemental airline GlobalX.

UrbanX’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient, zero-carbon transport by all electric, human-piloted eVTOLs within Miami-Dade and Broward Counties under a social enterprise business model.

Through collaboration with local governments, UrbanX services will benefit not only the passengers but also the surrounding communities, including meeting requirements of private corporations, airports, airlines, cruise lines, as well as public agencies and hospitals in need of rapid transportation.

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