Universal Hydrogen marks 250th order for regional aircraft product

A Universal Hydrogen test aircraft climbs after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Universal Hydrogen

Universal Hydrogen Co. has achieved a further milestone by securing a remarkable order from an undisclosed customer, taking its order book for regional aircraft conversions to an impressive 250 units.

This achievement signifies a remarkable step in the company’s journey to revolutionize the aviation industry by transforming traditional kerosene-burning gas turbines into eco-friendly powerplants.

Universal Hydrogen Co. has been at the forefront of a green aviation revolution, offering innovative aircraft conversion kits designed to replace conventional gas turbines with cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors.

This transformation begins with the venerable ATR 72, a workhorse of regional aviation, and extends to other 50-60 passenger regional aircraft.

The Universal Hydrogen green fuel technology aircraft.
Photo Credit: Hartzell Propeller

The Hydrogen Conversion Kit

At the heart of this transformation is the hydrogen conversion kit. This kit not only replaces traditional power sources but also reconfigures the aircraft to integrate Universal Hydrogen’s liquid hydrogen fuel modules.

These modules represent a major leap forward in sustainable aviation by offering a clean and efficient source of power.

Hydrogen Fuel Services

The orders received by Universal Hydrogen Co. extend beyond the conversion kits. They also encompass a crucial aspect of the hydrogen ecosystem: fuel services.

The company has committed to supplying hydrogen fuel services for these converted aircraft, ensuring that they have a reliable source of clean energy.

This commitment underlines Universal Hydrogen’s dedication to providing end-to-end solutions for its customers.

Making Airports Hydrogen-Ready

One of the key advantages of Universal Hydrogen’s approach is in making every airport hydrogen-ready.

Unlike traditional infrastructure upgrades that can be costly and time-consuming, Universal Hydrogen’s unique modular fueling system leverages standard cargo handling equipment for hydrogen handling and fueling.

This innovation means that airports can seamlessly transition to hydrogen without breaking the bank.

A Universal Hydrogen test aircraft in Mojave CA.
Photo Credit: Universal Hydrogen

Growth and Potential

Universal Hydrogen’s order book primarily consists of customer letters of intent (LOIs). What’s even more promising is that nearly half of these orders include customer deposits or cancellation penalties.

Rod Williams, Chief Commercial Officer of Universal Hydrogen, expressed the significance of the latest achievement, stating, “This symbolic milestone places our order book for aircraft conversion well north of $1 billion, with nearly half the orders including deposits or cancellation penalties.”

This milestone isn’t just about aircraft orders; it translates to over $2 billion in fuel services revenue over the company’s first ten years of operation.

Flight Testing

To commemorate this monumental achievement, Universal Hydrogen Co. recently launched a flight test and maturation campaign for its regional products. This campaign builds on the success of the March 2023 first flight of the world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered airplane.

This aircraft made history by being the largest plane ever to rely primarily on hydrogen for its operations.

The journey towards sustainability reached new heights with the successful June 2023 ferry of the hydrogen-powered aircraft from Moses Lake, Wash., to Mojave, Calif.

This journey was filled with several “firsts” and demonstrated an expanded operating envelope for the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.

Universal Hydrogen has now achieved an impressive tally of 10 test flights as it steadily advances towards its goal of commercial entry into service in 2026.

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