Turkish Technic carries out first A330P2F conversion

Turkish Technic engineers work on a freighter conversion.
Photo Credit: EFW

MRO aircraft conversion specialist Turkish Technic has achieved a key milestone with its first A330P2F widebody freighter aircraft.

The operation has successfully performed the Upper Frame Shell (UFS) cut-out for the very first converted A330P2F at the Istanbul facilities.

The aircraft is scheduled to be re-delivered mid of the year 2024 to the customer Air Transport Service Group (ATSG).

EFW – Turkish Technic Partnership

Turkish Technic, serving as the latest conversion house in collaboration with EFW, is emerging as the newest player in the realm of Passenger-to-Freighter Airbus conversion programs.

With nine conversion sites now spread across three continents, EFW expertise is spreading globally. Jordi Boto, CEO of EFW, expresses his confidence in this new partnership, acknowledging Turkish Technic’s extensive experience in Airbus aircraft maintenance.


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Mikail Akbulut, the CEO of Turkish Technic, is optimistic as the company embarks on this latest initiative. “We are happy to reach this milestone on the first conversion as we partner with EFW to meet high level demand in the market,” he said.

The successful completion of the inaugural freighter conversion leverages the MRO’s structural and avionic modification capabilities to redefine industry standards.

Photo Credit: EFW

ATSG Conversion Commitment

ATSG’s commitment to 29 Airbus A330P2F conversions with EFW reflects a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing fleet diversity and operational efficiency.

Paul Chase, Chief Commercial Officer of ATSG, emphasizes the strategic significance of the A330 conversions and its advantages for customers.

 “The A330 will provide a solution to ATSG customers seeking a freighter that offers both operational and economic benefits,” he said.

The adoption of next-generation wide-body freighters signifies a proactive approach towards addressing evolving market needs.

The A330P2F Advantage

EFW’s A330P2F program offers a compelling proposition with two variants – the A330-200P2F and A330-300P2F.

Equipped with advanced technology, these freighters redefine the boundaries of operational efficiency and economic viability.

The A330-200P2F boasts a gross payload capacity of up to 60 tons, covering distances exceeding 7,700 km.

Meanwhile, its larger counterpart, the A330-300P2F, offers a gross payload capacity of up to 62 tons, accompanied by a substantial containerized volume of approximately 18,581ft3 (526m3).

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