Thrive Aviation adds fifth Citation Longitude to fleet

A Thrive Aviation Citation Longitude in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Thrive Aviation

Las Vegas-based charter and aircraft management operator Thrive Aviation has seen the latest addition to its prestigious fleet with the arrival of their fifth Longitude aircraft.

This brings Thrive’s fleet under management above 20 airplanes. The Citation Longitude is a versatile super-mid aircraft, with non-stop range throughout North, Central and most of South America.

Vitali Lapko, the co-founder of Thrive Aviation, expresses his excitement about the company’s growth with the newest member of the fleet.

The Cessna Citation Longitude, known for its luxurious features and versatile capabilities, symbolizes Thrive’s unwavering commitment to providing clients with the highest standards of service.

Lapko commends the Thrive Aviation team for their dedication, expertise, and pivotal role in making Thrive one of the largest Longitude operators globally.

Thrive Aviation and Textron Aviation Delivery Teams


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On-demand Aviation

Thrive Aviation has earned its reputation as the preferred choice for on-demand aviation among discerning travelers.

The addition of the fifth Longitude not only expands Thrive’s operational capabilities but also reinforces its dedication to delivering a distinctive blend of opulence, ease, and tailor-made services.

Let’s explore the unique features that make the Citation Longitude a standout in the world of super-midsize aircraft.

Unraveling the Longitude’s Luxury

Spacious Interiors

The super-midsize Longitude features a 6-foot stand-up cabin, setting a new standard for in-flight comfort. Textron claims best-in-class legroom, ensuring passengers experience a journey that combines luxury with ample space.

Whisper-Quiet Cabins

Exclusive soundproofing techniques make the Longitude’s cabin the quietest in its class. This innovation by Textron enhances the overall travel experience, allowing passengers to enjoy conversations or relaxation without disturbance.

Wireless Cabin Management System

Passengers have control at their fingertips with the wireless cabin management system. Window shades, movies, music, cabin temperature, and lighting can be managed seamlessly from personal devices, adding a touch of personalization to the travel experience.

Versatile Seating Configurations

With a standard double-club configuration, the Longitude accommodates up to 12 passengers. The option for an aft couch and side-facing seating provides flexibility, catering to various preferences and needs.

Advanced Cockpit Technology

Equipped with fully integrated autothrottles and a Garmin 5000 flight deck, the Longitude ensures a smooth and efficient journey.

Three high-resolution LCD displays, four touchscreen controllers, and Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology contribute to the aircraft’s advanced capabilities.

A Thrive Aviation Citation Longitude in the hangar.
Photo Credit: Thrive Aviation


The Longitude’s capabilities extend beyond its luxurious features. Powered by two Honeywell HTF7700L engines, each delivering an impressive 7,655 pounds of thrust, the aircraft boasts a maximum cruise speed of 483 KTAS.

With a 3,500-nautical-mile range and a useful load of 16,100 pounds, the Citation Longitude combines performance with reliability. Cessna’s claim of 800-hour or 18-month maintenance intervals further positions it as a leader in the super-midsize class.

About Thrive Aviation

Thrive Aviation is a U.S. owned and globally operated curator of private aviation services, recognized as one of the Nation’s Top 20 charter operators.

Thrive’s innovative aircraft and fleet management strategy has fueled its ability to provide bespoke asset-management, superior service, and elevated flight experiences for its guests and partners around the world.

With corporate headquarters in Henderson, Nevada’s exclusive Green Valley Corporate Center, the operator serves the North American and global markets from its operational base in Las Vegas, NV. 

Thrive Aviation’s owned/operated and managed fleet of light, super-mid, large cabin, and ultra-long-range aircraft have steadily emerged as some of the industry’s most coveted aircraft.

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