Tao Climate launches air travel carbon footprint calculator

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Tao Climate, a leading sustainability company, has announced the release of its latest tool – a comprehensive air travel carbon footprint calculator. 

Using this new resource, airline passengers can easily measure their carbon footprint responsibility, and take action to offset it with Hemp Carbon Credits.

Understanding Your Air Travel Impact

At the heart of this innovation lies a clever flight carbon footprint calculator. Tailored for various types of air travel, including short and long-haul flights, regional journeys, and even private jet excursions, the calculator provides users with a precise estimate of their carbon emissions.

Users need only input their flight duration to receive a detailed breakdown, encompassing emitted carbon dioxide levels and the corresponding number of Hemp Carbon Credits required for offsetting.

Hemp Carbon Credits: A Unique Solution

Tao Climate goes beyond information dissemination; it offers a concrete solution to offset carbon emissions – Hemp Carbon Credits.


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These credits are generated through hemp cultivation, a plant renowned for its rapid carbon absorption. The captured carbon is then utilized in the construction of sustainable housing and infrastructure.

Purchasing these credits enables users to offset their carbon footprint effectively, contributing to a sustainable and equitable future.

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CEO of Tao Climate Comments

Gary Byrnes, the CEO of Tao Climate, gave his endorsement on the tool’s launch, stating, “We are thrilled to launch our air travel carbon footprint calculator tool and Hemp Carbon Credits.”

“As air travel continues to be a growing contributor to carbon emissions, we believe individuals must have a better understanding of their climate impact and take action to offset it.”

“Our goal is to make sustainable air travel accessible and achievable for everyone, with our Hemp Carbon Credits offering a measurable, effective and real-time mechanism for action.”

Tao Climate’s latest initiative marks a definitive stride towards a greener future. By arming individuals with knowledge and presenting them with a simple and efficient solution, the company aspires to instigate positive change in travel habits.

Taking the First Step

To calculate your air travel carbon footprint and offset it with Hemp Carbon Credits, visit this link. Tao Climate beckons you to join the movement towards sustainable and responsible air travel. Be part of the change today.

About Tao Climate

Tao Climate is a member of the Google Startups for Sustainable Development program, and is building a global industrial hemp grower network to capture CO2 at scale and use the carbon to build sustainable housing where it’s needed.

Tao Climate partners with airlines all over the world as Channel Sales Partners for the company’s unique, measurable and effective Hemp Carbon Credits, a new product category in the climate action space. 

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