SkyWorks concludes a year of strong activity

An Avion Express Airbus A320 on the runway.
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Aircraft leasing and investment specialist SkyWorks Holdings LLC has provided its performance overview for 2023. Over the course of the year, SkyWorks orchestrated financial transactions exceeding $2 billion.

The company engaged in remarketing and trading of over 40 aircraft and engines, led multiple aircraft orders, and played a pivotal role in various strategic activities for their clients.

SkyWorks 2023 Highlights

A319-100 Lease to American Airlines

On behalf of Sierra Echo Aircraft Leasing, SkyWorks orchestrated the sale of two A319-100 aircraft on lease to American Airlines.

A320-200 Lease to Avion Express

Representing Global Knafaim Leasing, SkyWorks successfully arranged the sale of two A320-200 aircraft on lease to Avion Express.

Hybrid Finance/Operating Lease for 737-700 Aircraft

Working on behalf of a European airline client, SkyWorks secured a hybrid finance/operating lease for five 737-700 aircraft to Canadian North.

This demonstrated SkyWorks’ flexibility in crafting customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of their clients.

Sale of GE90-115 Engines to AerCap

Sanad Capital, a Mubadala Company, entrusted SkyWorks to arrange the sale of five GE90-115 engines to AerCap.


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A320-200 Lease Extension with Wizz Air

Sierra Echo Aircraft Leasing enlisted SkyWorks to extend the lease of one A320-200 aircraft to Wizz Air. This successful extension furthered the long-term partnership between the two parties.

A330-300 Sale on Lease to Eva Air

Avation PLC entrusted SkyWorks with the sale of one A330-300 aircraft on lease to Eva Air. SkyWorks’ expertise in both aircraft sales and leasing was once again instrumental in facilitating the widebody transaction.

SkyWorks’ Investment Banking & Advisory

Sale and Leaseback Financing for 737 MAX Aircraft

A North American low-cost carrier sought SkyWorks’ expertise in the sale and leaseback financing of certain new 737 MAX aircraft.

SkyWorks demonstrated proficiency in structuring complex financial deals in the aviation sector.

Investment Due Diligence for a US-Based Investment Firm

A US-based investment firm relied on SkyWorks for comprehensive investment due diligence in the airline sector.

SkyWorks’ involvement underscored their role as trusted advisors in navigating the intricacies of aviation investments.

Sale and Leaseback Financing for Spirit Airlines

SkyWorks successfully completed the sale and leaseback financing program for Spirit Airlines, covering 2024 and certain 2025 A320neo family deliveries.

The collaboration with Jackson Square Aviation and SMBC Aviation Capital solidified SkyWorks’ position as a key player in aviation financing.

SkyWorks continued to advise various North American, US-based, and Latin American carriers on a spectrum of fleet-related matters, from potential aircraft orders to ongoing advisory services.

2024 for SkyWorks

As Matt Landess, Chief Executive Officer of SkyWorks, aptly stated, “The fourth quarter rounds out an active year for SkyWorks, and we look forward to continuing to support our clients and partners in 2024.”

With a track record of success in 2023 and a robust portfolio of services, SkyWorks is poised to navigate the skies of the aviation industry with unwavering confidence.

About SkyWorks Holdings, LLC

SkyWorks provides a full complement of leasing, investment banking, and advisory services exclusively dedicated to commercial aviation.

The company specializes in aircraft lease origination and provide a full suite of aircraft and lease management services for airlines and investors. Its track record encompasses over 10% of the global commercial aircraft fleet.

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