Skyportz introduces aerospace expert to vertiport assessment team

Render of a Skyportz vertiport on the Melbourne waterfront.
Image Credit: Skyportz

Australian vertiport developer Skyportz has welcomed one of the world’s leading researchers on turbulence modelling, Dr. Abdulghani Mohamed, to assist with vertiport site selection for the emerging electric air taxi industry.

This collaboration continues the evolution of the emerging electric air taxi industry, leveraging Dr. Mohamed’s expertise to ensure the safety and viability of vertiport infrastructure.

Pioneering Research in Turbulence Modeling

Dr. Abdulghani Mohamed stands at the forefront of turbulence modeling research, earning prestigious accolades such as Australian Scientist of the Year (2021) and Engineering Professional of the Year (2022).

His groundbreaking work focuses on enhancing aircraft resilience in adverse weather conditions, particularly through innovative anti-turbulence technology.

As the head of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research group at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Dr. Mohamed brings unparalleled expertise to the realm of aviation safety and technology.

Skyportz and Vertiport Development

At the helm of vertiport development in Australia, Skyportz is dedicated to establishing cutting-edge landing sites for electric air taxis.

Collaborating closely with the property industry, the company aims to decentralize aviation by breaking the traditional nexus between airports and aviation hubs.


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Skyportz CEO Clem Newton-Brown emphasizes the company’s commitment to safety and community engagement, highlighting the importance of addressing air turbulence concerns within built environments.

“We are working with governments, air regulators and communities to establish the parameters for the introduction of vertiport infrastructure and short take-off and landing runways, said Newton-Brown.

“The primary concern is safe operations and the impacts of air turbulence within built form environments is a significant issue that needs to be addressed on a site-by-site basis.”

Image Credit: Skyportz

Vertiport Site Assessments

Dr. Mohamed’s involvement in vertiport site assessments heralds a new era of safety and precision in aviation infrastructure planning.

By leveraging his expertise in turbulence modeling, aerodynamics, and aircraft control, Skyportz can accurately assess the suitability of potential vertiport locations.

 Dr. Mohamed’s insights enable the identification of wind gust risks and micro weather conditions, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding site selection and safety protocols.

Ensuring Safety in Advanced Air Mobility

As the electric air taxi industry gains momentum globally, the need for robust safety measures becomes paramount.

The significance of mitigating turbulence-related risks, particularly in the context of small aircraft operations is a major consideration. By collaborating with Skyportz, Dr. Mohamed aims to ensure that advanced air mobility progresses with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Through meticulous site assessments and predictive modeling, the partnership between Dr. Mohamed and Skyportz paves the way for a safer, more sustainable future in aviation.

Skyportz’s Global Consultancy Services

Beyond its endeavors in Australia, Skyportz extends its consultancy services globally, supporting communities worldwide in preparing for the advent of electric air taxis.

As nations embrace the potential of advanced air mobility, Skyportz remains at the forefront, offering expertise in vertiport development, site selection, and regulatory compliance.

By sharing knowledge and best practices on a global scale, Skyportz facilitates the seamless integration of electric air taxis into diverse urban landscapes.

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