Sirius Aviation unveils world’s first hydrogen VTOL jet

Render of Sirius VTOL jet
Image Credit: Sirius Aviation AG

Swiss aviation startup Sirius Aviation AG has unveiled its revolutionary Sirius Jet – the world’s first hydrogen-powered Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Crafted and designed in collaboration with BMW’s Designworks and Sauber Group, the new VTOL jet This marks a further milestone in sustainable aviation development.

High Performance VTOL

The Sirius Jet, touted as a game-changer in aviation, is a high-performance VTOL aircraft propelled by a cutting-edge hydrogen-electric propulsion system.

Marrying jet aerodynamics with the versatility of airplanes and helicopters, it achieves extended flight distances, impressive speeds, and high altitudes with near-silent operation.

This marks a new era in excellence, where technology, design, and engineering converge to set an unprecedented industry standard.

Sirius Aviation AG Unveils World’s First Hydrogen VTOL Aircraft: Sirius Jet

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Sirius Jet Versions

In the year 2025, the Sirius Jet will take into the skies in two distinct versions: the Sirius Business Jet and the Sirius Millennium Jet.

The Sirius Business Jet, tailored for private jet needs, boasts an impressive 1150-mile flight range, a cruise speed of 323 mph, an altitude capability of 30,000 feet, ultra-quiet noise levels of 60dBa, and comfortably accommodates up to 3 passengers.

On the other hand, the Sirius Millennium Jet, crafted for commercial aviation, offers a 650-mile flight range, matching the cruise speed of 323 mph, a ceiling of 30,000 feet, a sound footprint of 60dBa, and the capacity to carry up to 5 passengers. This revolutionary leap will reshape the landscape of the global transportation industry.

Sirius Jet Specifications

Sirius Business Jet

Zero-emission: Leading the charge in eco-friendly aviation.

Flight Range: 1150 miles

Cruise Speed: 323 mph

Altitude Capability: Operational altitudes of up to 30,000 feet.

Noise Levels: 60dBa.

Passenger Capacity: Accommodating 3 passengers.

Sirius Millennium Jet

Zero-emission: Paving the way for sustainable commercial aviation.

Flight Range: A respectable 650 miles, catering to diverse travel needs.

Cruise Speed: 323 mph, ensuring efficiency in transit.

Altitude Capability: Scaling heights of 30,000 feet for smooth and swift travel.

Noise Levels: 60dBa

Passenger Capacity: Accomodating 5 passengers

Current Collaborations

Sirius Aviation AG maintains strategic partnerships with global leaders, including a collaboration with BMW Group’s DesignWorks and Sauber Group, renowned for Formula 1 excellence.

Alongside Alfleth Engineering AG and ALD Group, this powerhouse alliance sets a pioneering benchmark for sustainable, efficient, and high-performance aviation.

Event at Payerne Airport

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, Sirius Aviation AG will host a notable event at Payerne Airport in Switzerland.

This historic occasion will unveil the aircraft’s advanced Hydrogen-Electric Ducted Fan Propulsion System, featuring the first public inaugural ignition.

The event promises a press conference and insightful remarks from esteemed global leaders, providing a glimpse into the future of aviation.

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Swiss aviation start-up Sirius Aviation AG has unveiled its revolutionary Sirius Jet – the world's first hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft.
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