Reliable Robotics gains military approval for autonomous flight system

Photo Credit: Reliable Robotics

Reliable Robotics, a developer of a commercial autonomous flight system, has recently announced the attainment of military airworthiness approval, marking a deeper engagement with the U.S. Air Force Department of Defence.

This approval paves the way for the commencement of flight testing and operational missions utilizing the remotely piloted Cessna 208 Caravan.

Automated Flight Capabilities

The granting of military airworthiness approval signifies the further shift towards embracing cutting-edge automated flight technologies within the Department of Defense (DoD).

Dr. David O’Brien, Major General (Ret.), and senior vice-president of government solutions at Reliable Robotics, emphasizes the unparalleled potential of these autonomous capabilities.

“Nothing compares to showcasing how our autonomous flight capabilities will immediately enable new ways for the U.S. Air Force and other departments of the military to lead with innovation, improve safety and project power across the globe,” he said.

With safety at the forefront of its priorities, Reliable Robotics has adhered to the stringent airworthiness policies mandated by the DoD.


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View of cockpit of uncrewed Reliable Robotics C208B in flight.
Photo Credit: Reliable Robotics

This comprehensive approach encompasses a thorough safety analysis, meticulous maintenance evaluations, and rigorous testing protocols.

By meeting and exceeding these requirements, Reliable Robotics has worked to ensure a reinforcement of safety and reliability of its automated flight systems.

Accelerating Innovation

Central to this achievement is the collaborative effort between Reliable Robotics, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and AFWERX.

Through strategic partnerships and SBIR awards, Reliable Robotics has propelled the development of advanced automation technologies, culminating in this pivotal moment of airworthiness approval.

Hank “Hog” Griffiths of AFWERX echoes the sentiment of rapid technological maturation, emphasizing the vast opportunities that lie ahead for integrating autonomous flight systems into military operations.

Autonomous Flight System: Concept to Reality

The journey towards military airworthiness approval has been marked by ongoing dedication and innovation development.

From the inception of its Phase III Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to the successful demonstration of automated flight capabilities during the Golden Phoenix exercise, Reliable Robotics has consistently pushed the boundaries of possibility.

About Reliable Robotics

Reliable Robotics launched in 2017 to bring safe, certified automation systems to commercial aviation. The company’s system enables remote operation of any aircraft type.

Reliable’s vision is to transform the way we move goods and people around the planet with safer, more convenient and more affordable air transportation. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and has a distributed global workforce.

About AFRL

The Air Force Research Laboratory is the primary scientific research and development center for the Department of the Air Force.

AFRL plays an integral role in leading the discovery, development, and integration of affordable warfighting technologies for our air, space and cyberspace force.

With a workforce of more than 12,500 across nine technology areas and 40 other operations across the globe, AFRL provides a diverse portfolio of science and technology ranging from fundamental to advanced research and technology development.

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