Prime Jet adds Embraer ERJ 145 to fleet

A Prime Jet Embraer ERJ 145 jet interior and exterior shots.
Photo Credit: Prime Jet

Global air charter operator Prime Jet has added an Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft to its growing fleet. As part of the company’s growth and product expansion initiative, the new acquisition will provide business class air travel for large groups up to 30 passengers.

The aircraft is outfitted with a unique 1×1 seating configuration, which will allow large groups unparalleled comfort. The ERJ 145 is ideal for collegiate and professional sports teams, weddings, and other large group charter.

“We are excited to bring on this new product for our customers and fill a need for large group travel,” Cheryl Janke, CEO of Prime Jet stated.

“While this is a new product for Prime Jet, our core values and standards remain the same as with our fleet of Gulfstream aircraft.  Prime Jet remains committed to finding solutions for private air travel and finding a way to ‘Yes’ for our clients,” she continued.

Prime Jet’s bases of operation for the new ERJ 145 will be similar to its floating fleet of Gulfstreams:  VNY, OPF, TEB, and TPA. 

About the Embraer ERJ 145

The Embraer ERJ 145 is a regional jet airliner produced by the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer. It is the largest member of the ERJ family, which also includes the ERJ 135 and ERJ 140.

The ERJ 145 has a capacity of up to 50 passengers and a range of 1,550 nautical miles (2,873 km). It is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE 3007A turbofan engines.


The ERJ 145 first flew on August 11, 1995, and was certified by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on April 6, 1997. It entered service with American Eagle Airlines later that year.

As of January 2023, over 1,600 ERJ 145s have been delivered to airlines around the world. It is the most popular regional jet in the world, with over 26 million flight hours logged.

The ERJ 145 has been used in a variety of roles, including passenger transport, cargo transport, and medical evacuation. It has also been used by the military in a variety of roles, including training, surveillance, and electronic warfare.

The ERJ 145 is a reliable and efficient aircraft that has been well-received by airlines and passengers alike. It is a popular choice for regional air travel, and it is likely to remain in service for many years to come.

Here are some of the key features of the Embraer ERJ 145:

  • Capacity: 50 passengers
  • Range: 1,550 nautical miles (2,873 km)
  • Engines: Two Rolls-Royce AE 3007A turbofan engines
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 129,340 lb (58,600 kg)
  • Maximum speed: 530 knots (982 km/h)
  • Service ceiling: 37,040 ft (11,275 m)

The ERJ 145 has been praised for its reliability, efficiency, and comfort. It has been a popular choice for regional air travel, and it is likely to remain in service for many years to come.

ERJ 145 and the private charter market

The Embraer ERJ 145 becomes a popular choice for private air charter for a number of reasons. It is a reliable and efficient aircraft that can accommodate up to 50 passengers.

It also has a range of 1,550 nautical miles (2,873 km), which makes it suitable for a variety of private air charter missions.

The ERJ 145 is also relatively quiet and comfortable, making it a good choice for passengers who are looking for a more luxurious travel experience.

 The aircraft is equipped with a number of amenities that are not typically found on commercial airliners, such as a full galley and lavatory.

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