Paw-some! Pet friendly K9 Jets seasonal Los Angeles – London service

Onboard a K9 Jets jet charter from Los Angeles
Photo Credit: K9 JETS

Pet charter service K9 JETS is providing a high-end travel alternative for those looking to fly in style with their pet in cabin, with a new route launched between London and Los Angeles.

Due to the interest in personalized transport of pets and just in time for holiday travels, K9 JETS, the world’s first pay-per-seat pet charter service, is launching a direct route between Los Angeles and London.

Los Angeles – London

For many people, their four-legged friend is seen as more than a pet, and rather is viewed as a member of the family. And for many, the stress of arranging travel and transportation for the family pet becomes a major cause of concern

So, from December 20 families with dogs or cats looking for a London holiday getaway will be able to hop aboard a flight from Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles and return on January 1.

Similarly, British counterparts will be able to head out to Los Angeles from the Farnborough airport on December 23, with a return date of January 3.

For those interested in a spring getaway, the flights will also be available from Van Nuys on March 8th and May 10th, and from Farnborough on March 10th and May 12th.


The Birth of K9 JETS

The service was inspired by a request received by their sister company, G6 AVIATION, of a flight from London to New Jersey for ten passengers plus ten dogs.

K9 JETS was created with the intention of providing discerning flyers with a stress-free travel experience that allows them and their pets to fly with peace of mind, and a flute of champagne…presumably for the owners, not the pets.

Of the launch, Co-founder, Adam Golder, states, “K9 JETS believes pet family members deserve to travel in comfort and style alongside their owners.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to kick off this new route, just in time for the holidays, so guests can celebrate with their loved ones (including pets) in style.”

Exploring the World with Your Furry Friend

All K9 JETS flights depart from private terminals, ensuring passengers a speedy passage through customs and only requiring them to arrive 60 minutes before flight time, where they’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary bar and refreshments.

In-flight, dogs are free to sit on passengers’ laps or in their side of the cabin, whereas cats must remain in their carriers. What more could a traveler, and their four-legged companions, ask for?

The one-of-a-kind travel experience also offers multiple routes between London and New Jersey, East and West Coast America, Paris, New Jersey, Dubai, and Lisbon and now Los Angeles. Whether you’re planning a transatlantic adventure or a European escape, K9 JETS has you covered.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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