Orlando vertiport to become Lilium’s key network hub

Aerial render of future Orlando International Airport vertiport facility.
Image Credit: Lilium

In a recent disclosure, eVTOL jet aircraft developer Lilium N.V. (NASDAQ:LILM) has designated the future Orlando International Airport (MCO) vertiport as its pivotal network hub for Lilium Jet operators in central Florida.

The proposed advanced air mobility site at MCO is expected to drive increased passenger access as well as reduced costs for operators.

This announcement comes as Lilium solidifies its position as a global pioneer in Regional Air Mobility (RAM) and further advances its commitment to revolutionizing the future of transportation.

Lilium and Central Florida

Lilium has been a driving force for AAM activity in Florida, recently announcing with the City of Orlando and Lake Nona the country’s first urban and regional air mobility network in 2020.

Lilium’s decision to establish a vertiport at Orlando International Airport underscores the company’s dedication to furthering the developing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector and enhancing regional mobility.

As a consequence, Florida is expected to experience greater connectivity and economic activity from the developing AAM environment.

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Sebastien Borel, Chief Commercial Officer at Lilium, expressed excitement about the prospect, emphasizing the benefits it will bring to passengers and operators alike.

“We are thrilled about the proposed advanced aviation center at Orlando International Airport and commend Orlando for its dedication and vision to advancing AAM,” said Borel.

“Building a vertiport at the major-hub airport will ultimately enhance regional mobility by increasing passenger access and connectivity while allowing multiple operators to use the facility and share in the cost.” 

The Significance of MCO and Lake Nona

The choice of MCO and its surrounding area, including Lake Nona, as a hub for AAM operations holds a key geographic importance.

Positioned in the heart of central Florida, this network hub is strategically located to serve the millions of visitors that flock to the region annually.

With its proximity to major attractions and a burgeoning community, MCO is poised to become a multimodal transportation hub of significant magnitude.

A Lilium eVTOL jet is worked on by engineers on the tarmac.
Photo Credits: Lilium

Supporting Legislative Initiatives for AAM

In addition to the designation of MCO as a central hub, Lilium has thrown its support behind Florida House Bill 981.

This bill, which designates MCO as the AAM test site for Florida, reflects the state’s commitment to embracing aviation technology and fostering innovation.

“We appreciate the work of Chair Fiona McFarland and State Representative Doug Bankson’s efforts in this bill to ensure Florida remains a leader in AAM,” said Borel.

“These strides reinforce our decision to announce central Florida as a key launch region for the Lilium Jet and align with our longstanding commitment to accessible, sustainable transportation.

“Solidifying the Greater Orlando region as a test bed for AAM demonstrates the state’s commitment to progressing regional mobility and advancing aviation technology.” 

Lilium’s collaboration with state officials and bill sponsors underscores its dedication to ensuring that Florida remains at the forefront of AAM development.

A Vision for Global Regional Air Mobility

Lilium’s efforts in central Florida are part of a broader vision to democratize regional air mobility on a global scale.

The company’s innovative approach, exemplified by the development of the Lilium Jet aircraft, aims to connect entire regions efficiently and sustainably.

By facilitating increased access to transportation, Lilium seeks to stimulate economic growth, foster cultural exchange, and promote environmental sustainability.

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eVTOL jet aircraft developer Lilium has designated the future Orlando International Airport (MCO) vertiport as its key network hub in Florida.
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