ÖAMTC Air Rescue modernises fleet with two Airbus H135 helicopters

An Airbus H135 air rescue helicopter in flight.
Photo Credit: Airbus Helicopters

In Madrid at the European Rotors, Airbus Helicopters and Austrian based ÖAMTC Air Rescue announced a new agreement for the provision of two H135 helicopters. 

This new deal follows the initial contract for five H135s inked at the end of 2020. 

Marco Trefanitz, CEO of ÖAMTC Air Rescue spoke optimistically of the new deal, and explained how the H135 would improve operations:

“It’s a matter of course for us to constantly develop and improve our fleet so that we can provide our patients with comprehensive care at the highest possible level of quality and safety,” 

He added: “The H135 with Helionix is perfectly tailored to our needs and proves itself day after day and night after night in operations throughout Austria.”

“The significantly more powerful helicopter, which is certified for instrument flight and has an autopilot, brings us a decisive step closer to our vision of being able to help anywhere, at any time and in any weather.”


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Thomas Hein, Head of Europe Region at Airbus Helicopters commented on the recent sale: “We are proud to have been a partner of ÖAMTC Air Rescue for more than 40 years with our helicopters and services,” 

“I would like to thank ÖAMTC Air Rescue for their continued confidence in our H135 helicopters. We’re looking forward to many more years of successful cooperation.”


Proudly Austrian-bred and based, ÖAMTC Air Rescue operates 31 H135 helicopters from 17 permanent bases and 4 additional winter bases in Austria.

Last year, ÖAMTC flew more than 20,000 flights under various missions. In fact, the operator flew an average of 52 missions per day. 

ÖAMTC began its legendary services providing such services within Austria in 1983 and is commemorating its 4 decades worth of operations this year. 

Applicability of the H135

The H135 is a light-medium twin-engined helicopter built by Airbus and is a pinnacle for helicopter emergency medical service operators globally. 

The H135 boasts a wide and obstruction-free cabin for medical and aircrew personnel to work on. Moreover, pilots also like this particular type as the H135 has excellent performance, range, and payload capacity, along with low levels of noise pollution. 

The oversized sliding doors and the aft clamshell doors allow rapid loading and unloading of patients and necessary medical equipment for the flight. 

Moreover, Airbus’s signature tail rotor, the shrouded ‘Fenestron’, provides extra safety during ground operations. This makes Airbus helicopters one of the most sought-after products for medical and HEMS missions. 

Furthering from what has been said, the  H135 is the global market leader for HEMS missions. There are more than 700 helicopters all around the world being used for flying for critical medical and life-saving missions.

The Airbus light, twin-engine H135 integrates the most advanced technologies available in the market, this includes Airbus Helicopters Helionix avionics suit, which is an extra to the 4-axis autopilot. 

This new suite allows for a flexible cockpit layout to enhance situational awareness for the crew – equipped with three large displays and an in-cockpit night vision goggle. 

At the time of writing, there are more than more than 1,500 H135s delivered globally with as many as 7 million in flying hours accumulated.

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